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Todd L. posted on 10/21/2007

"Pop photography still my all time favorite magazine and my friend just told me how he got a free subscription. He got some business cards from vistaprint.com (free + shipping) and at the end of the offer he was given a choice of magazines with a one year subscription...FREE. I guess the magazines just want to hook you for a year and then get your money after that."

Lady S. posted on 12/3/2013

"The booth was a huge hit! Our guests had so much fun taking pictures and so did we. They were very easy to work with and the photo strip layout/design turned out great. The jump drive with our photos was mailed out quickly and they kept our gallery private, per our request. I would book them again in a heartbeat."

georgia l. posted on 11/5/2014

"I am very interested in photographic field. Therefore I try to learn about photography from best sources. But I have done a mistake that I used this www.popphoto.com service for studying photography. But they completely disappointed me by giving incomplete guide for photography. They are giving guide for what I already know."

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