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Pricezombie Review

PriceZombie was created to resolve a glaring issue confronting online shoppers. Before PriceZombie, shoppers had a choice between price comparison sites where users are shown the current price for an item across a select group of affiliate stores, and price history trackers where users are shown the historical prices of a product at a single affiliate store. To get a complete picture and know if you’re truly getting a good price, you need both price tracking and comparison, and you need this information from a variety of retailers not only those who pay a fee to advertise their products. PriceZombie fills that need by offering unparalleled features to users who seek to buy for the lowest price.

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Real Customer Reviews

Max S. posted on 7/14/2014

"Forget the price history websites that only do amazon. Pricezombie does dozens of stores. Full price history and comparison shopping in one easy to use site.

I recommend using the browser extensions; available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari."

Dave M. posted on 7/14/2014

"The Chrome plugin allows me to get the info right at newegg and amazon and i saved almost $200 by buying the camera at another retailer they recommended - pretty sweet."

Matt G. posted on 7/15/2014

"Their price protection tracker is amazing, it's hard to believe just how much money it's saved me. I don't know why no one else does it."

Mary H. posted on 7/17/2014

"Price comparisons, price tracking, price drop notification, price protection notifications for Amazon, Target, Home Depot, Best Buy, Ikea, and dozens of other major online retailers. Don't shop online without their browser extensions."

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