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RadioFence Reviews is an Authorized Retailer. As the World’s Oldest & Largest Authorized Retailer of PetSafe, they offer full manufacturer’s warranties and guarantees on everything at RadioFence has been in business since 1991 and online since 1996 initially with just one product, the Radio Fence Electronic Pet Containment System.

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Tracy H. posted on 1/16/2014

"My dog has been barking like crazy every since we moved into our new home. He was fine before until being exposed to a new environment. I never liked bark collars and thought they were the worst thing you could do to a dog. I found a bark collar on radiofence that was perfect. It has the combination of being able vibrate or shock them. I initially did do a few shocks when my dog barked, but very soon afterwards I could just vibrate him instead of shocking and it had the same effect. Within 1 month he completely stopped barking. Great product and company."

Stephanie S. posted on 7/16/2014

"This site offered an automatic feeder at the lowest price compared to competitor sites. I never heard of it before but saw it was a trusted site on Google so I went ahead and ordered and received the product quickly and without any issues. I would use them again."

trebah s. posted on 10/13/2014

"Purchased an in ground fence system from 7/2014. Three months in, collar came off my dog and was lost, so I contacted them them to purchase a replacement. The person on the phone said the model I bought had been discontinued. No compatible replacement collars available from them. When I asked how long ago they had been discontinued RadioFence rep said "about 6 weeks ago." Turns out the manufacturer discontinued the product in January of 2014, so by the time I purchased, it was already on the way out.
Had I known this was a discontinued product and not compatible with similar setups I would have stayed away, hands down. I guess keeping customers informed is not how these guys make a sale. Be warned."

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