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Rakuten Reviews

Rakuten is a Japanese electronic commerce and Internet company based in Tokyo, Japan. Its B2B2C e-commerce platform Rakuten Ichiba is the largest e-commerce site in Japan and among the world’s largest by sales.

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Real Customer Reviews

Lin P. posted on 10/9/2014

"I was so scared to use this company from reading reviews but I was looking for a particular modem and they had it so cheap that I was willing to risk losing the money. The retail for this modem was around $80 and I got it for $25. I waited 6 months to write review because I was certain it would fall apart and I'd have to complain. But..it still works great and is saving me money on my internet provider bill! No problems here."

L R. posted on 11/23/2014

"Ordered a few times from this company advertised merchandise and fantastic service and shipping."

Chad H. posted on 1/22/2015

"High prices just sends you to best buy and I won't pay for the name to get a gadget"

Honest R. posted on 2/23/2015

"If you shop here, BE SURE to use Pay Pal. In May 2013, users started complaining about fraudulent charges on credit cards after being used on Rakuten.com. In some cases, Social Security numbers and other information was used to open accounts at other vendors. Rakuten was originally buy.com They sold it to a Japanese company. The communication is USELESS. No phone contact. The EMAIL responses are LAUGHABLE. I ordered six pounds of CHEESE on here and they charged me TAX on FOOD. Last time tor me. I'm back to Amazon. There is NO record of my order on their site. This is one of the worst on line experiences I have ever had. LUCKILY I used Pay Pal which I do for ALL my on line purchases except Amazon who I trust."

steve g. posted on 5/1/2015

"I purchased a refurbished laptop from this seller and had a number of issues. First, it arrived late. It also did not work properly and was actually somewhat dirty when I received it. I spoke with their customer service (after I had installed anti-virus) and was told how to repair the unit. I then found, after providing them with the number from the back of the unit, that it had not actually been "completely" refurbished. I had to return it to them (at my cost) to get a refund, which turned out to be $20 short of the full amount, even though I was promised in writing to get a full refund due to their issues. When I attempted to contact them (email is all they accept) I received no response. They suck!"

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