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Redbox Reviews

Redbox  is a subsidiary of Outerwall, Inc. specializing in DVD, Blu-ray, and video game rentals via automated retail kiosks.

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Real Customer Reviews

Jackie G. posted on 11/3/2013

"Easy to find. Options as good as any other box. Its inside the area where the carts and scooters are kept. Love me some Redbox."

Jerry G. posted on 11/25/2014

"Done with Redbox, first I get an email that they are raising prices. Don't they know you can stream for less per month ? It was worth it to use their service once in awhile because they sent promo codes. Now they expire in 24 hours. Waste of time now...."

Wes O. posted on 3/17/2015

"I'll add inexpensive to the list as well. Though the selection is far from huge, if you enjoy a variety of newer movies, checking out the nearest Redbox is worthy of your time."

Paul T. posted on 4/26/2015

"I get a Redbox video typically 2 to 3 times a month. It is very convenient but if I go over a day I will get extra charges. I think they make most of their money on over age days"

Sally L. posted o 5/19/2015

"I love this site. It has many movies old and new. I like the blue ray disc rentals because the quality is great. I like to stream TV Series"

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