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Founded in 2006, Redbubble is quite simply the finest and most diverse creative community and marketplace on the interlink. Redbubble operates primarily on the Internet and allows its members to sell their art work as decoration on a variety of products. Products include prints, t-shirts, hoodies, cushions, duvet covers, leggings, skirts and scarfs.

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"Great for finding unique, individual shirts and clothing that others don't carry. If you are tired of wearing what everyone else wears and want something unique on a shirt or hoodie, this is a great site. You scroll through individual artists' designs, pick something you like, and put it on a shirt. And the possibilities are limitless. Your favorite sports team, tv show, dog breed, band, etc. Whatever you want, you can find it here.

They also have great communication and fast order fulfillment."

- Joe 5/18/15

"I've ordered from Redbubble before and, although the prices are a bit steep, it's amazing the quality of the shirts I've received. The cotton weight is a bit thin, but the shirts themselves are ridiculously soft and wonderful and I personally like the weight of the shirts. They also have online chat systems used for asking questions; the employees are very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful.
The best part about Redbubble is the fact that artists can make their own designs and sell them which means that everything you get will be unique.
I don't think the people on here that keep complaining about shipping times realize that they actually have to custom make the shirts per order before shipping them out, so the actual production time is included in the time it takes to ship the T-shirts.
I also see someone claiming that the people giving this site "4-5 stars" are Redbubble employees while simultaneously claiming that Redbubble isn't a real company because they got an email from a "nonhuman". I'm not really sure how those two statements coincide with each-other, but in any case, I'm definitely not in affiliation with Redbubble. I just really like the shirts I received and will be receiving another awesome T-shirt soon."

- Abigail B. 5/13/15

"After reading all these bad reviews I was hesitant to make my purchase which consisted of a cell phone case, pillow and tee shirt for my daughters birthday...but I'm always willing to try new small businesses, and was glad I did. My daughter loves Five Nights at Freddy's and all the items I received were above my expectations, and I can not wait to see my daughters face when she sees all her new items; that are sure to be a hit with her friends, as you can not just find these items anywhere. Shipping was not a problem, I was able to track my items when logging into my Redbubble profile and they came within a week-two since I paid for basic shipping...this was acceptable because I knew that artist were custom making these for me. I will definitely purchase from them again and will recommend them to my family and friends!"

- Wendy B. 4/15/15

"Yeah, so I ordered a couple of stickers from RedBubble, and overall I wasn't dissatisfied as I read these reviews here. The shipping to Slovakia from the US cost me about $4.50, that's pretty fine (although it took like 30 days for the package to arrive, but I wasn't rushing anywhere anyway), and I received my order just as I ordered it, no damage or misunderstanding with my products. And they have pretty good selection among their products, really a lot of stuff from all kinds of various things. And it's the only site I found nice and fancy stickers for my guitar. Overall satisfied."

- kevinoturner666 1/14/15

"An update to my previous rating: since my tshirt was too big and did not fit properly, I submitted a refund request. Right away I received a response stating that I don't even need to send my shirt back, and I was provided with a code with the full amount of what I paid on it in order to get a new item! I now have an amazing new tank top AND a tshirt to sleep in. My tank top is a white and red design printed on a black shirt, and it is vibrant and fits perfectly!! Fabulous experience, fabulous customer service."

- Allyson A. 1/8/15

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