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Recreational Equipment Inc., commonly known as REI, is a privately held American retail corporation organized as a consumers’ cooperative, selling outdoor recreation gear, sporting goods, and clothing via some 140 retail stores in 33 states, catalogs, and the Internet.

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"Yesterday I opened a package from REI that I had ordered online and discovered that one of the two items was missing. In my 38 years of life, my experiences with large corporations have been largely negative, so I was expecting a hassle. I called REI this morning to report the problem and was pleasantly surprised they sent me a new shipment without any questions asked. I was on hold less than 5 minutes total. They asked if standard shipping "would work for my needs". My needs actually matter to them? The "customer is always right mentality" still exists in a large company? All I can say, is Thank You, REI, for being a classy company and may the rest of the corporate world follow your lead."

- Jessica B. 5/21/15

"I dabble in the outdoor arts, so I make periodic appearances at this REI. You can't beat the selection at this store, huge! There are usually tons of green-vested employees roaming around, and they are all quite friendly and eager to assist you. Yes, prices are not cheap but if you're lucky, you can often snag discounted merchandise. Just the other day, I picked up a jacket that was 50% off, hooray!

Due to my outdoorsy dilettante-ness, I don't have a membership but they seem worthwhile. A lot of my friends have them if that means anything. One drag is that parking can be quite the challenge during big sales. Otherwise, it's quite ample. I recommend coming here with a specific shopping purpose or you could find yourself spending way too much time and money at REI!"

- Lisa H. 3/25/15

"REI is the bastion of quality, great customer experience and easy returns. I had an especially wonderful experience with REI as part of my wedding gift registry. Highly recommended for those couples who would prefer to backpack China than eat off China."

- Chad 3/17/15

"Ordered 1 pair of acorn boots online. got 2 different sizes in the box. Went to the retailers store and got a full refund.
Found the exact product on another online retailer (Sierra) at $ 19 less!"

- Jtbrunner 11/27/14

"I have been shopping occasionally at REI Marlton, NJ, for about 5 years. Every time I've visited, things have gone well. While the staff has not always known all the answers, they have never failed to be very courteous. For me, a great shopping experience."

- Ralph 8/14/14

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