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ReShip ships merchandise from a large number of US stores to countries worldwide. Unlike other package forwarding services, offers invoice removal and gift wrapping options on every item shipped, making sending gifts to friends and family as easy as a few extra mouse clicks. It is committed to providing you with high quality service that exceeds even the most rigid industry standards.

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Real Customer Reviews

"Signed up with ReShip recently. Made two purchases that were shipped to their Portland site. These were consolidated into one package and shipped on. The process was straightforward and ReShip did their part very efficiently. Shipping is not cheap but that is not ReShips fault and their rates are quite competitive.
I can recommend their service."

- Greg N. 7/13/15

"I have used reship twice now, once in January and the other time a couple of years ago. The first time their service was very good with no reason to complain. This last time I worried, looking at some reviews on here, that they may have gone downhill, but happily I received the same very good service - receiving an email within 24 hours of them taking delivery of my item and dispatching it almost immediately after I had paid their fee and postage and packing. I would definitely use them again and recommend them to other people."

- Anita K. 2/8/15

"Just be aware that will ask you to refund the initial postage AFTER they receive your item.Then they will ask for a very expensive postage.Excuses may varies eg: calculation was wrong, no packaging etc. You will be kidnapped if you deal with them. This site is a scam. I have lost around $120 dollars on this. My pay, your experience."

- Antonio J. 11/18/14

"By far the worst service I've ever received from a company ever!

After opening an account and getting everything in order I had three packages shipped to my suite (Suite #K68911). Just before the last package are due to be delivered I get an email that my account has been deactivated!

Unbeknown to me for some reason my registration fee was reversed for some or other reason and this apparently flagged some fraud alerts and they promptly deactivated my account without even trying to rectify or try to contact me to try and solve the situation."

- Enrique C. 5/30/14

"I have been using reship for almost 3 years now. Never had any issues . great customer service. Shipping is comparatively cheaper than others.Option to consolidate packages helps you save lots of money. keep up the good work.
Recommended .."

- garry g. 5/7/14

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