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From Manchester’s best kept fashion secret to one of the fastest growing international etailers, has quickly evolved into a global fashion leader of its generation.

Combining cutting-edge design with an affordable price tag, BooHoo has been pushing boundaries for the past eight years to bring you all the latest looks for less. They don’t take fashion or life too seriously. Whether you like to keep one step ahead of the trends, or if subtle style is more your thing, BooHoo is sure they’ve got something you’ll love.

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Connell. posted on 12/13/2014

"they say up to 8 working days for shipping. its been 10. i emailed them and they said it would take up to 3 more working days! ha! i needed the items for a party and even if they came on the 10th day it wouldve been fine. i like their cat walk videos and it sets them apart from other sites. i would be be nice if we could get our packages on time :)"

Jayynieee. posted on 12/8/2014

"usually boohoo is brilliant, brings your clothes super fast. however this time I ordered next day delivery on Thursday but there was an address query, I contacted them through Twitter and they said they had sorted it and should arrive Monday, I waiting until Tuesday and still hadn't came so I tweeted them again and again they said they had sorted it I did this another time and and emailed then and a week later it still hasn't came so I asked for a full refund as it still hasn't arrived a week and a half later! This result was dreadful for me! I just hope I get the refund soon! awful!!"

nico. posted on 11/19/2014

"I recently shopped at BOOHOO and found it to be really fantastic (as usual :)) they have a huge selections of styles for prices that just cant be found in Australian retail stores! I like that they always have some sort of discount when ordering on-line so I rarely pay full price. Although all together it was a very good shopping experience my parcel arrived quite a few days after promised, also the size chart is really off (would not recommend using it, my measurements indicated I was a 14 but in reality im a 10) but its easy to guess what size I am by looking at what size the model is and seeing how much bigger/smaller I am than her!"

Sue Featherstone. posted on 10/28/2014

"I had purchased three items off boohoo after seeing one of them that I really liked on their recent tv commercial. Two were long cardigans and the other was a dress. The dark grey cardigan looked hardly anything like the item on the commercial - it really just hung on you like an "old fashioned dressing gown of the seventies". The other cardigan (which wast a pale grey and in their sale) was a far better purchase. There was a bit more shape and it hung nicely when worn. However they were correct in saying it was a thin cardigan - more suitable for summer.
The third item (dress) is beautiful but being 5ft 3in tall it appears I am nearly a foot too small for it! I have decided to keep the dress and hope that I can either get stilks, grow amazingly tall for the item or get a friend to help me alter the length.
I have to say that Boohoo did deliver quickly, the materials that they used were of good quality but I was very disappointed that the main item I originally looked them up for (the dark grey cardigan) looked very little like the advertisement and when worn
made me resemble an empty/old toilet roll.
I am still waiting confirmation that they have received the two items back - however I can never fully blame a company for bad delivery if they are using the postal service. Usually that is were everything goes wrong! Let's hope that they get the item after it has been sent into the "black hole" of the British Postal system! I am hoping once there is confirmation of items returned the refund will be straight forward."

William. posted on 4/29/2014

"Boohoo offers some great products and are very reasonably priced (most dresses and jumpers range from $20-$30). The quality is pretty good for the price and i have seen many of the things from Boohoo in department stores at a much larger price. However i didn't find their measurement chart very good as it said the model had a 13 inch waist and wore a size 8 when she actually had a 26 inch waist. I also email customer service twice about a price query and both times received automated computer replies that didn't answer my question. Also i paid for express shipping which promised my goods in 2-3 working days but received them after 14 days,im assuming that the reason was the frequent public holidays were a factor. Overall their value is very good and I will be ordering from there again but will be paying for the non- express shipping."

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