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Revolve Clothing is an unrivaled collection that offers formal and casual clothing and accessories for both men and women. There are more than 500 famous brands, such as AK Vintage, available through the firm’s website, West Hollywood boutique and curated designer boutiques.

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Real Customer Reviews

"This is one of the best online shopping for ladies apparel, that there is out there. For up-to-date fashion and accessories, and a lot of really wonderful casual clothing, perfect for our modern and practical lifestyle. First, the website is user friendly, you really get to see the clothing well, and get a feel for the designers they use. Only downfall, is not experiencing the true quality of the fabrics (touch is the only way), but they do their best on describing the items.
The ease of purchasing, trying on and then returning, is exceptional, and so quick. I usually hate online shopping, due to the repackaging of return items and the visit to the PO... this is all made so easy, when shopping with Revolve. Almost hassle free, which is why I shop with them, and end up buying a lot of clothing from their website. I've been a customer from the beginning, and all they constantly improve their site. Well done Revolve."

- Nina T. 8/13/15

"I've ordered g-shock watch as a birthday gift for my nephew, of course the first thing they did is to charge my credit card. After this the shop tried to write off some more money from my card. Transactions were blocked by my bank. After this Revolve wrote me that I need to verify my identity, meaning a I have to send them my ID and a copy of my credit card (!). After spending an hour with their customer service I was assured that the order will go through. It did not. Next morning. I received an email stating that my order was cancelled. After I called them, I was told that my order was rejected by their risk management manager. So two days in discussions with customer service, no money and no purchase. The money were returned within a week, but considering that was usd 500, which were held by the shop, I believe Revolve is a scam for milking our money."

- Carol M. 7/16/15

"This might be preemptive BUT so far so good! Ordered a dress and it came perfectly packaged in 2 days like I ordered AND they included a return label with postage paid for and a postage package if item needed to be be returned. I needed to return unfortunately cause my bust was to much for the dress lol BUT I ordered 2 more and am waiting for those...let's hope the return is as smooth as what I've seen thus far. 5 stars for now."

- Dale P. 5/1/15

"I saw a pink DVF dress online that I had to have. I had never bought anything on Revolve before and was a little hesitant when I saw the negative reviews. I decided the dress was worth the risk. I purchased it on Friday afternoon. Received tracking information immediately and was notified a few hours later that it had been shipped. The dress arrived on Monday and I love it. I live in the states so I'm not sure if the issues are when it comes to international mailings? Anyways, I had a good experience and will be back on their website soon."

- Spencer L. 11/3/14

"I love shopping the occasions section of revolve clothing as they give me such great ideas for outfits based upon what event I am going to. I want everything from the LA getaway weekend! They have free shipping and returns all the time so they making online shopping easy."

- Mary M. 4/29/14

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