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Rockabilia is an online store which provides an extensive range of products, such as apparel, posters, wall art, home decor, novelties and more. They also have many famous brands such as Air force, Domo. With the high quality products, excellent customer services and competitive prices, you will get what you need at Rockabilia.

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Real Customer Reviews

"The hat I ordered is great. I received my order, Cincinnati, Ohio, in five days. I placed my order before readding all of the bad reviews and it freaked me out that I made a mistake. I did not. The merchandise and delivery totally met my expectation. So, if you're reading these reviews, you can chill and all is good. Rock on!"

- Elena A. 3/13/15

"It puts a frown on my face giving them 1 star. I ordered a T shirt that was apparently backordered fro 3 months and still have not receieved any thing. I called customer service to see whats going on and ask for my money back. She basically hung up on me and said thank you. Offering no free shipping , no free items, not store credit, just flat out acted like everything was ok. Extremely rude I will NEVER SHOP HERE. They hire idiot like her because they true don't care about there customer........that is why this place will ALWAYS be a bottem tier clothing web site."

- daniel o. 1/14/15

"I used Rockabilia to buy gifts for my son. Very happy with the first-time discount I received and the shipping time. Really big inventory. Would recommend to anyone who loves classic rock and merchandise."

- Neil O. 6/23/14

"I ordered an item on backorder and was told it would take up to 8 weeks to ship. I waited THREE MONTHS. I sent multiple emails inquiring as to why they couldn't order my item from wherever they get it and what was taking so long, and my question was never answered. They kept telling me I could cancel my order or they'd ship as soon as it came in. Then they stopped responding completely. Don't order anything you need by a certain time here."

- Harold D. 2/21/14

"I would recommend them but, I'd warn ya if your in a hurry to receive your order you may be disappointed, it seems to take awhile and we've experienced back-orders alot, but, all in all it's a real good company they have a great selection of product in the music district, hard to find collector items and band apparel,and lots of novelty items. They have a great catalog they include with your order that is impressive.I'd say give them a try and check them out for yourself, it is actually worth the wait."

- sheri s. 4/2/13

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