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Roku Reviews

Roku is a privately held company located in Saratoga, Calif., and founded in 2002 by Anthony Wood. The market leader in streaming entertainment devices for the TV with millions of units sold, Roku has always believed that anything you want to watch, listen to, and enjoy should simply be there on your TV, whenever you want it. Roku streaming players are renowned for their simplicity, variety of entertainment choices, and exceptional value.

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Real Customer Reviews

mmafanon. posted on 12/23/2013

"I received a defective unit and it took me over an hour to get the issue resolved using their online "live chat". "

Joel S. posted on 10/27/2014

"LOVE this product. So impressed with how quick and easy the product is to install and it saves me a ton of money compared to cable."

Brinn J. posted on 2/18/2015

"We have owned Roku since it first appeared and no one knew what the heck it was. Now there are many options for streaming content to your home TV. While the menus are not as slick as AppleTV, we find more freedom and more content (less restriction) using Roku. We have owned both hardwire and wireless versions. There are handy apps if you wish to use your phone/tablet in lieu of the Roku remote. A very dependable gadget. After nearly a decade of use, our original Roku is still alive and kicking. Reasonably priced & widely available."

Peter J. posted on 3/21/2015

"Roku rocks!!!!! Yes, I still do have Cable TV, but I did manage to get rid of Netflix. So many way cool channels for free, these are not channels that you'd get on mainstream TV. A couple of my favorite channels on Roku are Crackle and Air One.

They also have the Angry Birds game which is lot's of fun. I'm just not sure why so many people complain about Roku, I haven't had any problems with Roku. I also enjoy watching some classic shows, there are a couple great older tv show that I enjoyed watching on one of the Roku channels: Man with a camera, and Sherlock Holmes. Great stuff!!

I was given Roku as a gift from my Little Brother, thanks Little Bro."

melissa d. posted on 5/19/2015

"Roku is one of the only ways you can use Acorn TV. Acorn TV provides the best of British (and sometimes Australian) television. Stuff you can't get on Netflix or Hulu or Amazon."

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