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Founded in September of 2003 and based in New York City, Roomster is a trusted name for people to post & search for accommodations around the world with other like minded individuals. With 24/7 customer service and an always expanding community of users, Roomster is the best way for people to monetize their extra space and make it available to a membership of authentic individuals. It has made the experience of sharing a home easy & safe and connected people at all price points, in 192 countries.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I was living with 3 boyfriends who I knew from college and two of them had their girlfriends over all the time so the apartment was getting really crowded! After finishing college and starting working this became too much for me to handle so I decided it was time to move on. I had heard really good reviews about Roomster but had never actually experienced it first hand. I decided to try it out and I found some really great options on there and in the end decided on a great place with 2 like-minded people. I couldn’t be happier!"

- Albert N. 6/5/15

"Roomster is a scam system similar to how the fake dating sites do it.

You post on Craig's List looking for a room or something, you get an email, text that is too good to be true and a link for "more info" that attempts to make you sign up on the website. Once you do you'll get messages. You can't read those messages until they pay."

- Anonymous 5/9/15

"Roomster was really easy to use, it took me seconds to register and once I did I was breezing through listings. I appreciate that they require people to register via their social media pages to verify that they in fact are real people, I’ve dealt with tons of scams on Craigslist that emanate from “Bots” that create fake listings to try and scam people. I also really like how the listings have the continuous scroll function as it lets me continue looking until I find a listing that interests me."

- Philip B. 3/30/15

"Roomster is a scam not only because it uses fine print to charge people extra money, more importantly, it has fake shares! You sign up for a trial and they try to lure you into registering by having "fake" members sending you info about shares they supposedly have. Buyer BEWARE! You will find nothing on roomster. You will only waste your time corresponding with fakes who will disappear once you request to meet, ask for photos, or similar. I wonder if there is a way to report this site so it is investigated for fraud."

- chris200 5/6/12

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