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Rosegal is a fast growing global online fashion store which offers the very best in retro style and unique vintage fashion products as well as the latest style dresses, rings, watches, jewelry, outerwear and bags etc. Everyone at loves the stylized elegance of the vintage culture with a passion. Timeless and inspired, each design is infused with culture and history, carried in its own inspirational story.

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"I originally searched on Rose Gal's website for some summer swimsuits and accessories. What I was met with was swimsuits at about 15$ a SET and beautiful Sunhats for 5$! I could not be happier with this experience everything is so beautiful and I can't wait to order more products! Please keep this site in business for me and buy their products!"

- Kaluais 5/20/15

"I've read a couple of reviews trashing Rosegal and I don't understand why because I've ordered plenty of items and everything has arrived to me and everything looks identical to the picture and the clothing quality is absolutely amazing. By far my favourite website to shop on!"

- Reta O. 5/20/15

"I ordered two items, but separately. The first item is my vintage one-piece swimsuit, and i love it! it's exactly like the one in the picture, fits, and everything. The only down side was the shipping. it took about a month to get to me. Then with my second item (a dress), it took only two weeks to get to me. The difference is that I bought a tracking number with this item. I think it's worth it for 2-3 dollars more. I got the chiffon butterfly print maxi dress. it is exactly like the one in the picture! I love it as well. Again one down side is they only gave me two strings to tie the dress in the back... and there's three loops. I'm guessing there's supposed to be three strings. So to sum up, at least the items are exactly like the one in the pictures so far, shipping I recommend getting a tracking number, and be sure to check everything once you get your items. I still shop at this site, and love it when I finally get them!"

- phicong_foo 5/17/15

"The picture of the lady with each of the 6 outfits I bought is not the same as what I received.The patterns and colors are different.

The quality is so poor and all the clothes are made of polyester or some equally bad material. All are scratchy and smell. I had no idea the return policy was so complex so I am just throwing this junk out. I need to take a picture of each item I want to return?

What? I never heard of such a thing. I was willing to pay the shipping and handling to return them but not if I have to jump through hoops, which it appears I have to do. NO company should make it that hard to return an item.

On top of the pictures not matching up, all the clothes have a strong chemical odor to them. I don't even think they are safe to wear.

I guess you get what you pay for but there will never be a next time for this *** poor company."

- anonymous 5/13/15

"I ordered a swimsuit from rosegal and I love it! Exactly as shown in the picture, I measured in the way that the site recommends to find the correct size.I see a lot of reviews that complain about the size but you have to keep in mind that this is not US American style sizing. Measure, measure, measure! It came before the expected delivery date and I can't wait to order more this summer!"

- Amanda W. 5/8/15

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  1. This company has beautiful clothing and I received my package in a timely manor.
    I ordered 7 items from Rosegal, and I was really happy with most of them. One item I wasn’t that happy with, and they compensated for it, which I was grateful for. Overall definitely recommend this website to you all.

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