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Ruche is an online boutique where ladies can find the fashionable clothing, dresses, shoes, accessories and more. As with many recent college graduates and newlyweds, budget was an important factor in Mai and Josh Olivo’s lifestyle.  With their good prices, strong customer service, excellent services, wide selection and outlet section with great sale prices, you will become a fan of Ruche.

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"Waiting for 2 weeks and counting for my order to arrive.

Ruche's selection on their website is great, and I love a lot of their brands (BB Dakota, Mata Traders), but I ordered three items 15 days ago and I'm still waiting for them to arrive. First, I didn't get a shipping confirmation email and couldn't figure out a way to search for tracking on the website--it should be a lot easier to find. I've gone back and forth several times with customer service, since the links for tracking they gave me didn't even work. Finally got them to work, only to see that my stuff was mysteriously sitting in Indiana for several days (for reference, they're in CA, I'm in SC). Modcloth and other similar stores have super quick shipping... 15+ days is just ridiculous these days, especially considering this isn't a Black Friday or day-after-Christmas time frame. Very irritated."

- Jennifer H. 5/14/15

"I bought the sunshiny Day colorblock purse, It has zippers on the outside of it (with no tounge to zip and unzip) for decorations. When I got mine in the mail the zippers were undone and because there is no tounge I cannot zip it back up. Now normally I wouldn't really care but the craftsmanship on this bag is so bad that because the zipper is unzipped you can see into the bag where the stitching is done and the bags lining fabric is hanging out. It just looks really bad. The other item that I bought was a cardigan, and it fit like a extra small even though the tag says medium. The stitching on that is pretty bad too. They both are not worth the amount of money that I paid for. I wouldn't shop here if I was you."

- Amanda W. 12/7/14

"Note that this is an online shopping site, but you can pick up your purchases at their warehouse.
Saves you shipping costs if you live close enough =)

It's like Modcloth... But not. I love their vintage/modern clothes and accessories. And they have a good supply of clothes that go past my knee. I hope they get even more of those =p They can be quite pricey, though. It's obviously NOT Forever 21.

And unlike Modcloth, you cannot review the clothes on their website. Best that you can do, is buy it, hope that it fits, and return it. You are responsible for your own shipping, but if you are like me, I just wait till I see something I like again, buy it, pick it up, then also drop off the previous order.

Response via email is quick, even returns (that are dropped off) are processed the same day, if not the next. The girls at the warehouse are friendly, and I don't mind waiting 10 minutes at times, when my order isn't ready. There's a cute seating area. Too bad you can't just walk around the warehouse and try clothes on!"

- Gizelle M. 10/3/13

"I am currently in my hometown in British Columbia (Canada). So, I was very surprised, and pleased, when I saw it would cost $5 for shipping for an order total of $49.99, and $7 for a total of $50+. Normally Canadian shipping costs around $30+ once they add on taxes. I just received my order today, and my orders (a shirt I quite liked came in stock the day after I placed an order) were shipped on the 16th. I was surprised, yet again. Normally orders take a minimum of three weeks before you can expect to get them. For my items ordered, I ordered an Ark & Co dress, shirt, and an Esley shirt. The quality is rather good, and their prices are also affordable. I would say their sizing runs true, though both of my shirts are a bit big on me since they didn't come in a size smaller than a 'small'. The Esley shirt I can manage, but I will probably have to return the Ark & Co shirt. Which is a shame because that's the one that I was looking forward to most. I could take it in and add a zipper on the side (since the material has no stretch), but I am no seamstress, and don't really feel up to putting out the money for a $53 shirt. And just one more thing to comment on before I'm finished with this review... Customer service (from my experience so far) is very friendly, helpful, and swift in responding. I sent a message to customer service asking if an item would restock and an hour or so later I had an email saying they didn't think it was going to be restocked. But, a couple days later the same person emailed me again saying it had restocked. I was quite impressed by that.

So, overall it's a very charming, solely online store. Ruche is described as a "modern vintage boutique", which is very true. They have a wide selection of clothes and accessories, and is a budget friendly store. Though I have heard some say the quality can be on the cheap side, I was satisfied with the quality of my items. My only problem is their limited selection of extra small sizes."

- brittycat 7/26/10

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