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One of the world’s leading names in electronics and technology, Samsung provides electronics and appliances that fit in any home or office including Cell Phones, TVs, Tablets, Home Appliances and more. Today Samsung spans a wide and diverse business world. Samsung is involved in the construction of semiconductors, skyscrapers and plants.  The company leads the global market in high-tech electronics and digital media and is prepared to take the world in innovative new directions.

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Real Customer Reviews

"Buy the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ if you love the idea of a wraparound screen; otherwise, you'll be able to find less expensive phones that do nearly as much."

- Patricia M. 8/20/15

"Recently, my son has broken his phone, and asked me to buy one for him. I don’t know which brand to choose. After checked on internet, I chose Samsung to buy at last. I just received it today, all the functions a smartphone should have, one happy thing is that it is unbreakable absolutely. Haha, this is the best function I want! Recommend."

- Allen J. 3/12/15

"I purchased my phone for $600 cash and it didn't last me even a month before the motherboard burned out and Samsung declined to give me a replacement. Instead, I had to pay shipping and send the item to them, it took 3 weeks and my service provider didn't give me a refund of my $60 monthly plan. Therefore, I was without a phone for 3 weeks, lost my $60, and Samsung didn't give a dam about it! The SAME thing happened to my phone for 6 times....yes, 6 times! And finally, I had to use the kind of language they understood and got a replacement of my phone......and it was a refurbished crap. I will NEVER buy another Samsung product again!"

- Ronald M. 2/13/15

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