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Samy's Camera Reviews

For over 35 years, Samy’s Camera has been the leader in sales of high quality imaging products and the ultimate resource for the professional and amateur photographer. Knowledgeable sales staff, exceptional customer service, and an impressive up-to-date inventory are the reasons that Samy’s Camera enjoys a loyal following.

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Real Customer Reviews

brian. posted on 12/26/2013

"I was impressed with the ease of online ordering, and the speed of delivery. The camera arrived on the exact day promised, and in time for Christmas. "

Peter B. posted on 8/7/2014

"I always check with Samys before buying online for new canon gear. They can get great prices and sometimes even beat major online stores."

Sylivia M. posted on 11/17/2014

"I buy all of my cameras from Samy's. Not always the cheapest but their service is always excellent. I'd rather pay a little more and know I'm dealing with a good knowledgable seller who takes care of it's customers."

Bradley B. posted on 12/3/2014

"I really liked this place. I'm brand new to photography and needed to find a great starter DSLR. Jason Lyman was especially helpful and elevated the place from a solid 3 (which I consider "basically what I expected") to a 4. What made it a 5 was that he happily welcomed me back a few days after Black Friday to give me a discount on the camera I'd purchased earlier in November because its price dropped for the shopping season. Good show.

I'll happily return to Samy's and Jason when I need new camera gear.

BTW - I ended up with a Canon T5i. I love it so far."

Jason W. posted on 3/9/2015

"Love this place. its my one stop shop for all my camera needs. I have been shooting and directing a lot of video lately, and its great to be able to walk into a place and get the equipment I need. I am one of those peeps that needs to touch and feel and play with the stuff before I buy it. I can't just order it online and hope its what I need. Done that a bunch of times and it sometimes doesn't work out.

I usually head up to the Pro Department and see Jes Rao. She is super helpful and always finds me what I need. Much appreciated."

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