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Kate Spade

Crisp color, graphic prints and playful sophistication are the hallmarks of kate spade new york. from handbags and clothing to jewelry, fashion accessories, fragrance, eyewear, shoes, swimwear, home decor, desk accessories, stationery, tabletop and gifts, kate spade’s exuberant approach to the everyday encourages personal style with a dash of incandescent charm. they call it living colorfully.

kate spade new york has over 140 retail shops and outlet stores across the united states, and more than 175 shops internationally. The colorful products are sold in more than 450 doors worldwide, in every time zone and on every continent. whether in san francisco, sao paulo or shanghai, their shops are always warm and inviting.

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Real Customer Reviews:

JeannieNY. posted on 10/2/2014

"I have had nothing short of exceptional service from the NYC Flagship store on Madison Avenue. I certainly didn't need a sales associate to escort me to the different floors (there are 4 -5 ) as my husband and I like to browse on our own. When I did need help everyone was anxious to assist. They brought us to the top floor, we were seated in a lovely room and after describing what I was looking for, our sales associate went to all the floors and gathered clothing and bags to show me. It was an incredible experience and I walked out with several bags, dresses and jewelry. Everything there is stunning. It was an amazing shopping experience on all levels.

JoAnna D. posted on 7/26/2012

"Looking at the other reviews, it appears that I'm not the only girl who had a fantastic experience in this cute little Kate Spade shop.

I came in to browse, and the staff was incredibly friendly, talkative, and fun! We talked about purses (of course); we discussed our personal Kate Spade collections, and they even showed me all of the wallet styles when I mentioned that I've been having a hard time finding one.

The store itself is very adorable: two floors of bright, shiny, happy Kate Spade shoes, clothes, bags, accessories, stationary ... everything a girl could want. And for such a small store, they had a decent selection AND a sale section! I'm so glad I found this location. And if I had a choice of stores, I'd keep coming back to this one - based on service alone!"

Kristin S. posted on 3/13/2007

"I was greeted in a very friendly manner as soon as I walked into the store and the SA were more than willing to help. I went into Kate Spade with a clear intent, I knew exactly which bag I wanted to buy (tisbury minu) and I knew I was buying it. So really the SA didn't really have to do much to make a sale when I walked in but they were still incredibly nice and helpful. It was a very enjoyable excursion and while I normally purchase Kate Spade from their website the great experience I had with the personable associates has encouraged me to go back to the store for my future purchases. (Like, for example, the Gisele shoes in navy canvas...)"

Anna V. posted on 11/29/2012

"I love Kate Spade! and I love it even more when it's closer to me.

This shop fits right in the americana aesthetic and theme. Beautiful clothes and selection of assecories, work, casual, shoes, purses, jewlery and etc.

It's so hard to walk out of here without a purchase. The service is great and really attentive even when you're not the only person in the store."

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