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Founded 35 years ago, Nutrisystem is an online weight loss program that helps its customers keep their weight in check through various products, individual counseling and a wide range of diets. Through its comprehensive weight loss program, Nutrisystem developed into a leader in the weight loss industry. Live counseling, both online and via telephone, replaced traditional customer visits to brick-and-mortar centers, and created a new and extremely private way for people to deal with oftentimes difficult weight loss issues. Additionally, by way of online ordering, Nutrisystem could now deliver its quality food and meal programs directly to consumer doorsteps, providing them with a convenient and streamlined way to learn better eating habits and lose weight.
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Real Customer Reviews

"I spent half of my 40 years being the extremely thin girl. The one that got asked "do you ever eat?" So imagine my surprise at getting out of college and having an office job and the pounds started to creep. And then getting married and being content...and more pounds crept on. I denied it until I got pregnant and then I didn't worry because I was eating for two. My second pregnancy 18 months later didn't help things. I gave birth and was at my heaviest weight and spent two years fooling myself into thinking I looked and felt okay. The truth is I was miserable with myself but didn't have the motivation to do a thing.

At the beginning of 2014, I decided to hit the gym and start Nutrisystem. Best Decision Ever. Nutrisytem helped keep me on track calorie wise but it also showed me the portions I should be eating. I got into a habit of adding more veggies to my plate and just being more conscientious of whether I was truly hungry or just bored. In 6 months I lost 25 pounds. It was a combo of eating less and hitting the gym at least 4 days a week. And I feel great and feel so much more comfortable in my skin. Thank you Nutrisystem for helping to motivate and helping me shed the unwanted pounds!"

- Melisa 11/2/14

"My experience with Nutrisystem was better than I had expected. I have a family and a full-time job so convenience is a must when following an eating plan. I found Nutrisystem to be easy to follow and I lost 2 pounds each week. I reached my goal and most important I learned portion control. I would recommend Nutrisystem to anyone who is looking to lose weight with a healthy eating plan."

- Kelly 10/22/14

"I received my Nutrisystem's food a few days ago and cannot describe how horrible it tastes.Whatever they put into the food to preserve it leaves such a horrible aftertaste that literally takes hours to get rid of.

So, thought I'd tough out the first month, and cancel my 2nd order well before the required 10 days prior to next order date. However, when I went to cancel my 2nd order, they told me I would be charged $84 or had to return the food at my expense (plus a $19 charge for them to give me a label). When I checked the website, I finally found this policy buried in a scroll down, small print area. That is not good business!!

Bad food!!

Bad policy!!I would NEVER recommend this plan to anyone!!"

- SJT2014 8/29/14

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