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Started in 2003, is an online company featuring a variety of blinds and shades equipped with options such as the cordless lift. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, the land of eternal summer and sunshine, it has a dedicated team of window covering gurus to help you find the perfect solution within your budget. Need style help or advice? Their custom design consultants will guide you every step of the way.

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Real Customer Reviews

"Michael Dorsey was awesome as the Design Consultant for my order. I am very detail oriented and tend to ask for a lot of information. He was very patient and was able to successfully answer and address my questions. He also called me back as needed when following up with me. I am very pleased with the excellent service he was able to provide me during the ordering process."

- Blindcrazy 4/21/15

"We measured as directed on the video and ordered a custom shade 24 inches wide.When it arrived, it was not even 23 inches wide and did not work on our window, so I contacted customer service.

They explained I had not read the fine print, which explained that the shades were really more than an inch narrower than the size ordered.They offered a re-do of the shade at about half price, so I agreed, but I think that "satisfaction guaranteed" thing is a big lie, and I wish I had read reviews before I ordered anything at all."

- madprof 3/26/15

"I contacted select blinds and requested samples, several samples on two different occasions, which were shipped free of charge. Later, when I placed an order, the rep (Brittney ** ) was courtesy and professional. I received a follow up email that same day. And also when it was discovered there was a delay on the fabric I wanted, they gave me a date when the fabric would be in and since I ordered ahead of time it was no problem for me. I also received an email when the shade were shipped out. I was also told to inspect each blind and if there was a problem, I could return them within 10 days (of their arrival), even if the mistake was in my measurements and receive replacements if needed. They were all made exactly as described and the quality exceeded my expectations. I am not associated with this company or anyone who works for or with them."

- Karla 11/29/14

"The overall process through the website was very user friendly and quick for us. My wife and I love the sample kit with styles and color/stain options that you sent to us. This really helps someone find the perfect match for their home.
We placed two separate orders over a period of 4 months and both arrived relatively soon after we placed the order. The installation instructions are easy to follow and all the required hardware came with the blinds. Each area we installed our new blinds was perfectly enhanced and we couldn't be happier.

Thank you again for a wonderful product and the great service throughout the process. We will indeed be a repeat customer."

- Tom W. 3/3/14

"Ordered my blinds 30 days ago. Got 1 out of 5 and it was too long and not adjustable. Never get anyone on the phone, plays recordings for TEN minutes then goes to voice mail. Chat never works.
Never ever again!"

- Wantmyblinds 12/12/12

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