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ShadesDaddy is the trusted source for named brand authentic sunglasses online. As the largest online retailers, it strives to provided customers with the easiest and safest way to purchase sunglasses online. With their good prices, strong customer service, excellent services, wide selection and outlet section with great sale prices, you will become a fan of .


Real Customer Reviews

"Glad I found because I was able to order replacement lens for my RayBans instead of throwing them away and buying a new pair."

- Mike 5/6/15

"Chanced upon this site and was at first suspicious of the relatively low priced Ray Bans. To play it safe, I proceeded to email Ray Ban to confirm the authenticity of shadesdaddy and yes they are legit.

Shades selection is great and customer service is really awesome. Their youtube channel has detailed reviews of the diverse selections of shades which is a great plus for me.

I'd say Shadesdaddy is the most responsive and 'human' online shop I've ever had the pleasure of ordering from. Queries on the shipping speed were handled swiftly and effectively so I wasn't too unhappy about USPS's delay.

In short, my experience with ShadesDaddy has been a pleasant one and they would be my go-to sunglass shop in the future!"

- AllahuAkbar 4/29/15

"Terrible service. I paid for priority mail and they still took a week to come. And then they'd sent the wrong pair. Customer service response was send back and they would replace, but why should I be waiting any longer just because they can't tell one pair of sunglasses from another, or as my 8 year old son said, maybe they can't read numbers yet.

Will never order again.


- Harvey 4/6/15

"Ordered replacements part, came after about 3 weeks.
The parts were good

But shipping was kinda bad, $35 CND for shipping to canada, almost as much as the replacement parts, 2nd they left the box infront of my door, anyone couldve stolen it in my complex. Highly suggest changing couriers. See if you can get a better deal on it do, i work retail, I can almost ship a computer out at this price.

I bought something from japan, shipping it to canada, it cost me 7usd, its a huge box of model too. I know this isnt your problem, but you should offer something better"

- hobocecil 3/20/15

"I ordered Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses from ShadesDaddy. When the sunglasses arrived, they appeared scratched and worn. I notified customer service and was given return instructions. The glasses were shipped straight back to me. The company now says the glasses have been used and cannot be returned. They were sent to me used. That was the whole point. I am also taking these to the local sunglass place for an expert opinion. They don't look authentic. They also kept my original receipt that was sent with my return. I've paid $218.50 for glasses that are not wearable and another $12 to return them."

- Melissa 6/14/10

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