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Shari's Berries

The sweet side of gifting, Shari’s Berries delivers dipped strawberries, cake pops and more delicious treats to any destination. There’s something for every occasion and taste. A gift from Shari’s Berries makes any moment a celebration.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I was hesitant to use this company due to some pretty bad reviews but my sister has used it previously and absolutely swears by it. I wanted to do something special for my mother for her 50th birthday so I ordered some chocolate dipped strawberries (she loves them and i'm not domestic enough to make them) and some flowers. They were delivered separately which was weird but I have no complaints regarding the quality of the products we received. In fact, the orchids they delivered are some of the prettiest flowers I have ever sent to my mother (we send her flowers every year). I ate one of the strawberries myself and it was tasty. No sour/overripe/smashed strawberries which was my biggest concern after reading the reviews. I'm not sure if I just got lucky but I will try ordering from this company again."

- Karla T. 8/21/15

"I've sent a 1/2 strawberries twice and have seen someone at my house receive a dozen themselves.

I think they tasted really good
The ones delivered at my house were big and came in 4 different flavors/toppings
Delivered the day they were supposed to
Lots of different options on their website

Their prices are really high. Like $40 for 6 chocolate covered strawberries is a bit ridiculous
Pay attention to shipping!! If you order a combo deal you think you're getting a good deal (like a dozen roses and a dozen strawberries for $30, a surprise each day!) it'll have something like that BUT you have to pay shipping for each day, so it tricked me."

- Leona R. 5/7/15

"Shari's Berries has excellent customer service and delivers a delicious product! My friend moved and I didn't have her updated address. She lives clear across the country from me, is 9 months pregnant, and LOVES fruit. She drove by her old apartment the next day and couldn't find the package. Not only did Shari's Berries replace my order for free, but they also rushed the delivery to her *correct* address for no extra fee. The next day, I was also pleasantly surprised to see a 25% discount coupon in my inbox for the inconvenience.

Not only were they a pleasure to deal with and gracious and eloquent in correspondences, but they also delivered a product that my friend absolutely loved! They made her day, and mine. I would recommend Shari's Berries to all my friends based on this most recent experience and others I've had with them.

Tip for consumers: "Standard" shipping is still costly. My $30 order cost $15 to ship, and you don't see that until you're almost done ordering. Also, if you let items sit in your cart for a day or two, they'll email you a coupon code for 15% off!"

- Lisa N. 12/1/14

"I went to Shari's Berries online to place an order to be delivered. When I reached the delivery date option a calendar popped up with color coded options displaying prices for day selected. I chose a day that was highlighted in yellow for 14.99. After my transaction I received an email receipt with an additional 14.99 delivery charge. I called their "customer service" to complain and the representative and her "supervisor" both told me the extra charge was due to my delivery date being on a weekend. I said there was no notification during the ordering process that stated that. All they said, it was their "policy". Interesting how a consumer learns that "policy" after the transaction is completed. I implore all consumers to stay away from Shari's Berries unless you want to fall victim to their deceptive delivery charges policy."

- Richard Green 10/8/14

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