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Founded by Kim Kardashian, Brian Lee, Robert Shapiro and MJ Eng in 2009, ShoeDazzle is an online fashionable shoes srore based in El Segundo, California. From classic to top of trend, their shoes include renowned designers, boutique brands, and exclusives you can’t find anywhere else.Each month the company debuts a selection of shoes, handbags, jewelry and provides its members with a showroom curated to their indicated fashion preferences.

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Real Customer Reviews

"It is true that I do my shopping on when items I favorited a while ago go on sale. But all my purchases so far have been exactly the way I expected them to be. I was going through a transition from my dull dark color shoes to more upbeat, colorful, cheerful shoes that better describe my often changing fashion style. I am more than pleased!"

- oana_stiff 5/27/15

"My husband gave me this gift for my birthday last yeas bc I couldn't wear heals while I was pregnant. And now that the baby is here I can wear them as much as I want. The shoes are always great quality and they have such a variety. I love shoe dazzle and wi) be a customer for life!!!"

- Alexcia 5/22/15

"SHOEDAZZLE is a great site! I have bought 8 pairs of shoes in the last 2 years and they all have fit perfectly. and all the different styles I have bought were so comfortable even the 6 inch heels! I may have forgotten to skip a month a few times but whatever, a few times means a few more pair of shoes!"

- Victoria C. 5/5/15

"YIKES! Shoe Dazzle sure did a number to make this many people upset. :/

It was unfortunate that I had come across this Yelp page [AFTER] I had placed an order for multiple items AND joined their "VIP" program with its many hidden stipulations. Immediately after reading the horror stories I was metaphorically [beep]ing bricks, scrambling to figure out how I could get my credit card number and information back. Unfortunately I already knew there was nothing to do but sit and wait.

I purchased my order April 12 and received it on April 17 -which was a day earlier than the tracking info stated. I had a dinner that same evening and was stoked I could wear my new pumps and bag out!

The items I purchased were a part of Gwen Stefani's gx brand and I love them! I honestly only joined because of that line, lol. The line offers relatively nice, inexpensive products. For the low price I paid, I couldn't be happier with them. However, I can understand what the many ladies here are saying about the cheap quality. After browsing you start to see how some of the products offered look indeed, cheap. Thankfully the items I ordered weren't.

Overall, I can't complain too much because I received everything super fast, paid a ridiculously low price, and haven't received any unsolicited emails. However, it has only been 10 days, only time will tell... Wish me luck!"

- Queenie I. 4/22/15

"I have been a member of shoedazzle for a while not and I really enjoy the selection and the VIP membership. Most of you people obviously can't read. You can skip the membership fee every month the 1st through the 5th. I did forget once and customer service was really nice about it and refunded my money. I now have an alarm on my phone set to remind me to skip that month if I need to."

- Jammie W. 2/11/15

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