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Founded in 1986, has helped more than 80 million users redefine the way they shop and save money online. Once Customers have finished ShopAtHome free, fast and easy sign up process, they can find their favorite coupons or deals from thousands of stores offering Cash Back through Then, when customers make a purchase, they could earn up to 30 percent Cash Back on every dollar you spend! Once Customers have earned enough, ShopAtHome send them a check in the mail.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I have been using for quite a while now. I used to be a member of ebates but ShopAtHome does have much better cash back programs. I also love the toolbar. It's not only a simple reference, but installing the toolbar means that if you want to shop at a certain site, you will not need to go first to shop at home and find it. All you have to do is go to the specific site and you'll see a little pop-up in the corner informing you how much cash back you will receive. So all of this is automatic. I love that neat little deal they offer."

- Vikky Zeqiri 9/19/15

"I tried this once...thought it sounded like a good idea. Instead, it got into my system and although I have tried every technique they suggest, I can't get it to go away on some of my sites. Because part of the program is deleted, but not all, it keeps returning me to the home pages of I can't even use them! I have spent literally hours trying to get this scam software off my sites...but can't do it. Clear history...clear browser...restart...use this special link...restart...etc. NOTHING. AVOID!"

- Allan R. 8/30/15

"Shop at Home has cash back offers for more stores/websites than I have found on other similar sites. When you reach your $20 goal or above, they follow through and send the check when scheduled. If you need to contact them to ask a question, they reply very quickly. I use them every time I buy something online. So glad I found this site."

- Alex M. 6/5/15

"I purchased a dishwasher from Sears through Shopathome when they were having a promotion of 20% cashback on all purchases through Sears, which would have equated to about $120 cashback! Guess what, cash back never showed up. I emailed their customer service numerous times without ever getting a response. SCAM. Will be taking my business to another affiliate website like Fatwallet. Much more reputable."

- Jennifer C. 11/13/14

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