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shopjustice Reviews

Justice is a well recognized brand that offers clothes, shoes and accessories specifically aimed at teenage girls. It carries a number of products including school uniforms, jeans, tops, shirts, swimwear and other accessories. Vibrant colors and availability of quality products with latest trends have attracted teenage girls towards Justice according to reviews.

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beckamax. posted on 2/24/2013

"shipping very expensive plus charged another 60 bucks for crossing the boarder into Canada when they have a store in Calgary. Found the clothing to be very cute, but flimsy and thin. I wasn't sure if this was because the clothing came from california and I am from Alberta canada and the Calgary clothing was thicker..perhaps? I didn't look very closely. I e-mailed 2 times asking for info on their shipping pratices and neither e-mail was answered. Piss poor Customer service for sure! I never had to phone to confirm our order..which sounds strange though. unless they offer alternate shipping to Canada other then ground shipping which dings you a huge boarding crossing fee..I won't be ordering from them again.order on my account still says processing and I ordered in December..makes me think that part of my order is still undelivered...time to get more ontop of my ordering practices!"

Sammi. posted on 12/26/2013

"I purchased some items on cyber Monday for my nieces. The check out process was a little annoying because the availability of products wasn't up to date. As soon as I entered in all my CC details and was ready for check out, the cart would error out saying I would need to update my quantities. I did that about 3 times, each time having to re-enter my credit card and shipping details. It took a while to ship the items out (delivered on 12/12/13)"

leannie. posted on 8/23/2014

"We bought a pair of shoes for my daughter from Justice, and received them last Monday. She wore them to school on Tuesday and within an hour of school starting the string on the side of her boat shoe had broken. I had thrown away all of the packing receipts because everything had fit great. Figuring I was out of luck, I thought I would try to email their customer service to see if there was anything I could do. Much to my surprise, I received an email less than two hours later saying a new pair of shoes were being shipped. We have always loved Justice, but they have gained a loyal customer in our family for standing by their products!"

Belindajones. posted on 12/18/2014

"The quality of the products are great! Very satisfied with choices received. Shipping charges were outrageous. I was informed at the time I placed the order, free shipping would not get the order to me before Christmas. I was offered 3 to 5 delivery at a cost of $20.00, which i accepted. Per review of the invoice, I was charged $ 35.00 for standard overnight delivery, which i never request and didn't receive. The outrageous shipping costs practically squashed any savings for items ordered"

Robgd. posted on 12/19/2014

"After being told an item I ordered was back ordered Justice cancelled the order without notifying me. I found out after becoming concerned that Christmas was approaching & status on line said item had shipped but had no tracking number. I called and they wouldn't answer. Emailed and they responded that they had cancelled the order. Justice offered zero apology and did not respond when I emailed them my disgust. They left no time to substitute item. It was my daughter's top wish choice. I'll be thinking twice before ordering again."

weddle. posted on 12/21/2014

"Unfortunately, Justice so far has provided nothing but a headache, although the customer service people I've talked to have been nice enough. Ecard never arrived, they couldn't reissue, even though my credit card was charged $100. So they would FedEx overnight a gift card. Christmas is in 3 days, we're still waiting."

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