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Finish Line is a leading athletic retailer offering the best selection of brand name footwear, apparel and accessories. The company operates more than 660 stores in 47 states and online at Their mission is to connect to young, fashion conscious individuals through a premium brand experience featuring the best selection of authentic, sport inspired products. They define this premium experience through their product, presentation, and people.

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Elizabeth M. posted on 5/23/2010

"I needed running socks. After some research, I settled on a couple pairs from the How hard is it to get running socks in stock? It took about 3 weeks for me to get them - running socks! Granted they're of a particular brand and variety, but Finishline could have done a better job of letting me know there would be a delay earlier on rather than having me wait it out."

Selina F. posted on 12/16/2013

"I needed a new pair of shoes for work to keep me comfortable while being on my feet for 8 hours so I decided to check out Finish Line. Their prices are reasonable compared to Foot Locker and Shoe Palace. Their selection of shoes sucks though. For women its pretty much just Nike and Converse. They helped me order a pair online (like I couldn't do that at home) but I had to return them because the size was wrong. I eventually exchanged them for a different shoe that I had to settle for since there's few options. During the return they were nice and helpful though. So a couple stars for that."

CV of Chattanooga. posted on 12/31/2013

"Bought something online and decided to return to local store since I didn't like. When I did the return, I didn't have my credit card on me so the store manager refund me in an in store credit on a gift card with receipt. I end up selling it on eBay since I couldn't find something I really want. Note that this card is new unscratch card with original receipt. When he try to make a purchase with it, it was empty. The buyer even went to his local store to get this fixed but directed to customer service. My buyers pissed and assumes I sold him a fake card. The card was return to me for a refund. I took to it back to my local store to the same person who gave me that credit. He checks it and it's zero and directs me to online customer service. Doesn't make sense for a manager to turn me out provided receipt. His answer is he gave the credit or it wouldn't print out a receipt. He judgments is I'm the pulling a scam.

I call customer service online and gave all the info with proof of credit transactions and date. I investigated with my receipts and the small feedback I gotten from customer service. They have been putting me on hold day after day that they are investigating. Point is it shows that the day I sold this card on eBay, it was used on the same day in another state (CA). This card is new and was not sent off til 2 days after that and received 3 days from then by the buyer. So there is no way my buyer in PA even use this card and it sure ain't me who in TN. Finish Line given a whole with proof and transactions still have no answer. I'm pissed and not sure where to turn but file me a case. Finish Line is still investigating and not giving me my money or giving me a real answer. Point is bad customer service on their end. Should just give the customer her money (she provided proof in every way) and then deal with their investigation. They are reliable in all ways. This whole ordeal been in hand for a whole month now. I love Finish Line but I'm done with them unless paying cash only."

Mayra R. posted on 2/10/2014

" is not a scam! It is a legit website and a real store. I have been ordering shoes for my son from here for years. Shipping takes no more than 5 days and other than the Free Shipping claim that is usually outdated, I have never had a problem."

Eddie P. posted on 5/6/2014

"Even though they do seem to have a smaller selection since they moved locations. I want to say that Jonathan helped my wife and I today. He was very professional. Actually introduced himself to us. And ask our names. Shook our hands. Different but a pleasant surprise. He helped us locate a Nike workout pants for my wife. He found it. And he helped us out with our checkout process. He was able to use the two rewards cards and coupons that we had. Thank you very much for your help. Keep it up. The only reason I have 4 stars is because they never have my wife's shoe size in stock. Why can't they ever how enough size 5's in stock. Jonathan gets 5 stars from me. Thanks again!!!! Hopefully your customer service skills rub off to all your other co workers."

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