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Shu Uemura USA Reviews

Shu Uemura USA is an online retailer of skin care products, makeup, and accessories. They are determined to helping you improve your skin condition.

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Real Customer Reviews

Nancy S. posted on 11/8/2013

"great brushes for a not so expensive prices. I think you get what you pay for when it comes to brushes. Highly recommend this company."

Brian L. posted on 8/19/2014

"I am excited to say that I have followed and have done research on this product and all of Shu Uemura products. I am very impressed. I was really excited to try this product, as I’ve read some good reviews on it. But it really work on me with good result."

James m. posted on 10/11/2014

"I have used the Shu Uemura USA for the purpose of getting new cosmetic products. And really I used this service for the first time, and I have got the best products. And also I am very impressed. I was actually thrilled to try this item for consumption, as I’ve interpret a quantity of good reviews on it. But it actually work on me with high-quality result."

Evan L. posted on 10/29/2014

"I am not satisfied, what a terrible service they are providing! I placed a cosmetic product order before 2 weeks but didn't receive any mail yet. When I tried to call their customer service it says the service is not available!"

Anna L. posted on 11/25/2014

"Makeup Brushes To Die For - I have been a loyal follower of Shu Uemura's handmade makeup brushes for over 10 years. Bristles are offered in many different animal or synthetic hairs including pony, mink, badger, goat, etc. No other makeup company offers as many brush types as Shu.

Whether you are just starting your collection or adding to one, I recommend trying Shu uemura make up brushes!"

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