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As the industry leader in consumer personalization for electronic devices, SkinIt specializes in producing skins for cell phones, laptops, cameras, mp3 players and gaming devices. It caters to more than 3,000 devices, contains thousands of designs.Their online ordering and customization tools allow you personalize thousands of devices. Make your cell phone, MP3 player, laptop, PDA device, camera, or gaming device as unique as you are. Show off your style, support your favorite team, or truly express yourself with custom skins you design.Skinit has thousands of designs including top brands in sports, entertainment, and art, as well as Customizer tool that lets you design your own using photos, images, text, symbols and many of our designs to create entirely personalized skins.

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"I don't know why this place has so many bad reviews? I ordered my son a laptop skin and I got two free xbox controller skins with my order. They all came perfectly! The order took a little longer than expected (but that was because of the holiday) but I let them know I really needed it before Christmas, and they expedited it for me! To anyone complaining about quality of the picture.. perhaps you aren't giving them a large enough picture to blow up? You need very large high quality pictures to begin with! Mine are PERFECT. Thank you so much guys!! It was such a nice personal touch to my sons gifts."

- kay440 12/24/14

"You can make custom phone or computer cases, stickers if you like your phone slim, they added canvases now. I like Skinit because there is a lot of popular designs to pick from (like Marvel and DC)."

- Kevin M. 12/8/14

"I was a bit wary of skinit since I'd read some less than stellar reviews. But I went ahead and submitted a design for my Galaxy phone. I'm an author, so I used part of the cover of my new book as my design. The phone cover is superb: bright colors and clear lettering. I've had some nice compliments and sometimes it leads to a discussion about my book. So I'm happy!"

- Sandra H. 10/1/14

"Worse. Service. Ever. I'm a huge fan of the BBC America show "Orphan Black" and used Skinit to create a custom laptop skin to match character Cosima's. Not only did the skin not fit properly around the logo, it DIDNT FUCKING FIT MY LAPTOP!!!!!! $50 for a skin that didn't. Fucking. Fit. I'm so angry and disappointed with this, I'd never recommend Skinit to anyone."

- skinit User 8/30/14

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