SkinStore Reviews – To Buy from the SkinStore or Not?

SkinStore Reviews

For over 18 years, SkinStore has been a trusted source for the latest and most innovative clinical skin care and luxury spa products. One of the first online stores to offer dermatologist-created and recommended products worldwide, today SkinStore carries over 7,500 products across more than 250 brands including hair care, cosmetics, men’s, natural and fragrance.

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Real Customer Reviews

xgermx. posted on 10/7/2008

"I'll keep this short and sweet. had very good prices and very fast shipping. I would buy from them again and feel comfortable recommending them to friends. A+ !"

Stephanie S. posted on 4/3/2012

"I was searching for an eye cream and I found it on skinstore for the same price that was listed on amazon. I decided to give this site a try and I didn't have an problems with it. They offered me free shipping and it got to me pretty quick. The only issue was that they used USPS with signature, so I missed the delivery and they wouldn't leave the package with my doorman. It took an extra week to get to me but if i was there to get the package I would have had it in 3 days or so from ordering. While that's not really the site's fault, if you use them I'd specify any delivery instructions so you don't have a similar issue. They included some free samples in my package which was nice. I'd use this place again."

Robert R. posted on 7/31/2013

"SkinStore is where I buy all my lotions: face lotion, body lotion, hand lotion, and even sun block. The prices are reasonable and they have all the brands I want. Shipping is quick and easy. My skin is important so I'm glad I know about these guys."

Dorothy S. posted on 2/9/2015

"Such great products and prices that blow away the retail stores like macys or nordstromes with better skin creams."

Mary F. posted on 2/9/2015

"I found out about skinstore when my doctor put me on obagi for wrinkles. You cannot get some prescription only products from skinstore but you can buy everything else."

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