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SkyMall Reviews

Founded in 1990, SkyMall is the makers of the famous in-flight publication, distributed in airplane seat pockets and seen by approximately 650 million air travelers annually (nearly 88% of all domestic air passengers). They are known for offering a unique curation of over 30,000 products for your Home, Health, Pets, Office, Fashion, Gifts and much more.

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Stephanie N. posted on 7/16/2013

"Skymall sells everything you did not know you need to have!

I bought two items from the skymall after I saw their products on a recent flight. They arrived on time and as described. Also, if you google coupon, you nearly always can get a discount."

Dan P. posted on 7/31/2013

"Every time I fly I read SkyMall to see what neat stuff they're selling this month. But ever since I had children I haven't flown as much and I'm embarrassed to admit, I miss reading SkyMall. So here it is; I can get it all online."

Debbie L. posted on 12/18/2014

"Can you give less than a one-star review? What a terrible experience to deal with SkyMall. Save yourself all the trouble, time, regret, frustration, etc. of dealing with SkyMall, Now that I see all their very poor reviews on multiple review sites, I wonder how they can stay in business. The unsuspecting consumer I guess. I've still not received my order for which they charged a small fortune to ship and "guaranteed." I'll likely never receive it. And it's a Christmas present - very, very sad. What's worse is that when you are able to get through to "Customer Service" after holding for a very long time, they will not be able to tell you anything and they will not care. Multiple emails received a response that they would respond in two business days which turned out to be four business days with no substantive and helpful response which said they would check with the vendor and respond in another 2 - 3 business days which will be after Christmas. Can this seriously be happening? Where are the consumer protection agencies? SkyMall has no right to deceive consumers like this and should not be allowed to continue to do so."

chevy. posted on 12/23/2014

"I ordered an item for a Christmas gift it was to be delivered to Austin Tx. It went to Johnston RI. Now they say that they are giving me a full refund. So much for Christmas No smiles from my best friend"

barbara. posted on 12/26/2014

"Ended up placing my order over the phone as the "Add to Cart" button was not working. The representative who took my order was quick and very personable, an overall pleasant experience."

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