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SmartBuyGlasses is part of the SmartBuyGlasses Optical Group, one of the world’s leading online designer eyewear retailers with operations in the US, Canada and Italy. With cross-continent operations it is able to work closer with the global distributors whci contributes it providing customers with the most comprehensive range of eyewear at excellent prices. It is committed to providing exceptional customer service and relish working in such a varied international setting.


Real Customer Reviews

"I ordered 3 pair of prescription glasses and made a significant error when ordering. I emailed the customer service department and received a prompt reply; as well as exceptional, ongoing, support from one individual who brought my concern to a very satisfactory and speedy resolution.
The glasses arrived in good time and were as ordered. I am very impressed with this company and will be ordering glasses in the future."

- Natalie 4/15

"I've boaght Gucci 3713 D28 Black 3713S Square Sunglasses from . Really pleased with company response and communication. The glasses was shipped with DHL and come within one week. I was a little scared that the glasses was shipped from China, i wrote an email to the company and than i 've got this reply ( understand your feeling and concern. Kindly be advised that we have several logistic facilities around the world located in Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, Australia and the USA. Since 2006. We will ship your product from one of our 5 logistic facilities depending on where the product is sourced. Our goal is to get the product to you as fast and as efficiently as possible.

Duties and taxes will be assessed by the importing country based on current laws governing imports. We do everything we can to prevent you from being charged for these. In the unlikely event that your item seized by customs and duty fees are charged, please pay upfront and provide us with a photo of the invoice via email so that we can fully reimburse you.

We know our prices are hard to beat but please be assured that our eyewear is 100% authentic; it comes including full product packaging and a 2 year warranty on manufacturing defects. We have been in business since 2006 and since then have serviced over 100 countries with one of the largest ranges of designer eyewear in the world.

If (upon receipt) you are concerned and believe that the product is not genuine, you can compare it with the same model at any local optician or eyewear store and confirm the authenticity. If you are still not 100% satisfied, we offer 100 day returns) . I was reaaly pleased with the services and fast shipping. Sunglasses are 100% authetic."

- bmFarley1945 4/15/15

"Not only I love my new Kenzo sunglasses, which I've received only a few days after placing the order, but I had a fantastic experience with Customer Service! They are very reliable, extremely prompt and efficient.
Keep up the good work!
Thanks again,

- Diana B. 4/7/15

"My frame was delivered in sound condition with gradient lens of my specified colour inserted. The Persol PO3107V 960 is handsomely distinctive without ostentation. While I still have slight doubts about the "look" of grey lenses - they make the wearer look shady - I appreciate that the grey gradient that I ordered is immensely functional for pedestrians. It allows me to see underfoot clearly when light conditions change randomly, or instantly (e.g. variable sky conditions in Auckland; getting on and off the bus safely) without having to fidget with the frame; and moreover, colours remain true."

- hummock 4/5/15

"The sunglasses were sent in the wrong size, a scratch to one of the lenses and a non genuine Armani Case that did not stay closed. I received many time wasting email replies which bordered on being sarcastic and contradictory. If I had known that "SmartBuyGlasses UK" are based in HONG KONG I would have steered well clear as Trading Standards in the UK will not apply to Hong Kong. Non existent customer service but just smarmy emails designed to throw you off track and waste your time. Be advised to avoid these sharks, and I wonder how many of the five star reviews are put up by their very own staff? Still no refund received and don't be deceived by any smarmy reply from them thanking me for my patience and feedback..."

- Beltidoude 1/8/13

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