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Founded by Justin Cooper, Lucas Tirigall-Caste and Justin Wills, Society6 is an online marketplace that empowers artists to make their artwork available for sale as a variety of products (for example Art Prints, T-Shirts, iPhone Cases, Throw Pillows, and more). The artwork on Society6 is created by hundreds of thousands of artists from around the world.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I had an excellent experience shopping at society6. I have ordered two shirts and a pillow. All three where a great quality at a decent price, and especially the pillow surprised me as it cost only 22 dollars and is quite sturdy and good looking.
One of the shirts was the wrong size, but their support took care of it in no time, and they are shipping a new shirt free of charge - and I don't even have to return the first one.
I've definitely not yet spent my last money on society6.

And for people ordering from Europe - to avoid tax/customs extra price just check the 'send as gift'-option. It has worked for me multiple times now."

- Christopher Mathias Sjølander 6/12/15

"I found society6 thru Amazon. I ordered a throw pillow made by "maggs326". It is beautiful, The design looks as if it was hand painted on and is on both sides. The pillow is beautifully made and I had to look for the zipper it is on the bottom and doesn't show. I bought a summer scene and will order a fall, winter and spring by maggs326 soon. Besides the design being on the pillow there are all kinds of other things you can get with the design on them, mugs, prints, shirts etc. I am really impressed, with the quality, price and service. Alice M."

- Alice M. 6/9/15

"Awesome customer service and overall good quality products.

I've bought several products from Society6 over the years (mostly iPhone cases because I love how many unique designs you can find with them) and on the whole I have only had great experiences both with the product and with their customer service. I never had any issues with the first few cases I bought for my phone a couple of years ago; like many others, I was initially a bit hesitant about buying from them because, at the time, I had not really heard of them before and I was having a hard time finding reviews for their phone cases. I decided to take a gamble and was not disappointed: my phone cases were beautiful (I got nothing buy compliments on them over the years), durable, and sleek while still offering solid protection for my phone (I'm talking about their iPhone 5 cases).

Because of this, when I upgraded to an iPhone 6 in December, I didn't hesitate to come back to Society6 when looking for some new cases. I ordered my new cases and was happy to find that when I received them, the printing quality was as good as I expected it to be and it still looked like it offered a reasonable amount of protection for my phone without adding significant bulk. However, I was disappointed when I found that within a month of receiving my cases and having them on my phone, some cracks started to appear on the corners of the case, as if the case was a bit tight on the phone and the stretching out was making it crack. It's been almost 3 months since I received the cases now, but I finally got around to sending them a replacement request for the case (I included pictures of the cracks). I didn't really expect much because their website says that they have a 30 day return/refund policy, and it's definitely been more then 30 days; but, I still felt the need to express my discontent with their product and maybe hope for a replacement. I was not disappointed -- within 12 hours of sending them my request, I got a response saying that a replacement case was on the way for no additional charge, and also received an order confirmation for that same case. I could not be more satisfied with their customer service, and as long as I don't have issues with the new case, I will definitely be coming back to Society6 for future purchases."

- Anakaren C. 3/6/15

"I ordered some shirts from S6 recently and the quality was great, particularly in light of the cost. Also, despite free global shipping, the delivery was pretty quick and I'll definitely look to use them again. Keep up the good work."

- Sam Green 7/31/14

"I just received a poster from them and the printing quality was horrible. I am now in the process of trying to return it but now that I am seeing there is no real contact number or policy page I wish I thought before I gave this company money."

- fgl64 4/12/13

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