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Founded in 1935, Sperry is committed to creating quality sea-worthy sandals, comfortable dress shoes and performance boat shoes that blend naturally with mainland fashion. Sperry is a global brand with a loyal following. From the world’s first boat shoe to today’s contemporary styles, Sperry exists for those drawn to the sun, surf and soul of the ocean. Learn more about Sperry Top-Sider and find the perfect fit for your style in classic collections.

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Real Customer Reviews

"We bought some Sperry topsiders today. Good selection."

- Richard L. 11/29/14

"Simply perfect. I love Sperry Top Siders. It's been an addiction my whole life. I've had countless pairs of Sperrys. It's always like losing an old friend when I have to retire a pair.

Tiring of wearing hard-soled leather office shoes, I decided to be a rebel this year and buy solid black Sperrys and wear them to work everyday. So far this year, I haven't worn anything but different pairs of Sperrys 7 days a week from January to August. It's been a great year for my feet.

This store is awesome. I love it. Shoe heaven."

- Tom O. 8/7/13

"I didn't even know Sperry had their own stores until this weekend. I came to the Century City mall to look for a new pair of casual shoes with a Sperry/boat type shoe in mind and as soon as I came up the escalator there was an entire store full of those shoes! At first I was a little nervous they'd be more expensive than department stores but after looking at both they were the exact same price and obviously the store had a much bigger selection.

The guy that helped me was great and unfortunately they didn't have the pair I wanted in my size but another store did so they purchased them for me there and they'll arrive sometime this week.

The only negative about the experinece was the dilemma of deciding which one pair I wanted. I saw at least 6 pairs that I would buy if I had the money but I had to think about which ones would go with the most clothes and things of that nature...someday though, someday."

- Chase N. 6/12/12

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