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julio m. posted on 9/21/2014

" is a site used to buy computer games. I have used few games myself. These sites required many technical details .Online currency quick selling and download purpose useful. Most of the children are like these games. You can download the games if you needed. These are really entertaining games."

JJledzep. posted on 1/6/2015

"Steam ignores my question about wrong information on their store page by answering they don't do refunds. In addition they tell me: "You will receive no further correspondence regarding this matter."
And just like that, I have no answer to my question. Every inquiry since has been ignored.
Steam is a great platform but their customer service is Godawful..."

anna s. posted on 3/6/2015

"Just bought a pc game - second hand - from an amazon seller - and it won't work because the activation code can only be used once. Didn't know that before - so be careful when buying second hand games for the pc - most won't work."

Jamie T. posted on 5/12/2015

"Steam has a wide variety of inexpensive, but not cheap games.
The website is easy to navigate with a wide variety of helpful tags including genre, play style and compatible software."

Joseph R. posted on 5/23/2015

"Has lots of digital games that are on sale sometimes saving you money in your wallet, has tons of people on it to join up online with or chat with, and overall best place to be for your gaming needs even has Teamfortress 2, Warframe, TERA, Dungeons and Dragons Online, Neverwinter, and other games."

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