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Stitch Fix Reviews & Promo Code – Clients Reviewing Their Experiences

Stitch Fix Reviews

For busy women on the go, Stitch Fix is the personal styling service tailored to your taste, budget and lifestyle that helps you look and feel your best every day.

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Real Customer Reviews

Maryanne M. posted on 2/23/2014

"I love the idea of a personal stylist, and getting the box is great fun! However, my first few boxes were disappointing with fit and style. It took awhile before I had more hits than misses. I stopped ordering the boxes, though, as the quality of the clothing went down. Prices stayed the same, but the clothing quality went down. Clothes used to be comparable to what you'd get in a boutique, but my last boxes had clothing like I'd expect to get at Target or H&M. Just couldn't justify the price anymore."

Lane L. posted on 10/17/2014

"I love the idea of having a personal shopper; and coming home to a box with new clothes all wrapped in tissue paper is thrilling! The clothing I received was of excellent quality. The price was a tad higher than I'm accustomed to; but worth it when you factor in the convenience. My order included style suggestion cards that helped me envision new ways of pairing the items with basics. Of note is that it takes your shopper some time to orient to your tastes and your fit. Be patient, because it only gets better!"

Jill G. posted on 6/17/2015

"Yes, we do exist. I am not a fan of shopping. Shoes, yes, but trying on clothes and styling myself - I'm just not good at. The questionnaire you take is pretty thorough to get to know what you like and your body type. I wouldn't mind more Target like prices, but I guess that's the price of a personal shopper & getting hand-picked items just for you delivered right to your door. I'll continue to do it until I have enough pieces/outfits to last me a while."

Emily. posted on 9/3/2015

"It’s been a long summer home with five kids and with the start of the school year, I was thinking I should order myself a little present and sign up for my 4th Stitch Fix.

When I first googled this piece to see what was on it’s way, I didn’t know if I would like it. It’s soft, warm and oversized, just how I like it. This is the perfect fall sweater I can see myself wearing a ton. These black jeans are comfy and also great for fall. This was my best Fix so far and I’m very happy with my items!"

Tiffany. posted on 10/15/2015

"I was excited to receive my second Stitch Fix because I wanted to see how the stylists would listen to my feedback from the first one. For each Fix, you can write a note to the stylist on what you’d like to receive.

I really liked this dress! It’s very soft material and a very comfortable, flattering cut. Plus blue and white match everything else I have, which is convenient when you’re so bad at matching clothing like me :) I also really liked this sweater. Again the material was VERY soft and that’s a big factor for me. I think this will be a very versatile cardigan with the dark blue color and the mix of casual and dressy. This was the only piece I felt was truly “comfy, cozy Fall” so yay. Kept!"

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