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Straight Talk

Established in 1996, Straight Talk is a service provided by TracFone Wireless Inc., America’s largest no-contract cell phone provider in the U.S. And now it has over 25 million subscribers. As a phone service provider, Straight talk is one of the greatest leading companies among the wireless industry, where you can get your services for as little money as possible.

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Real Customer reviews

"I purchased a phone from Straight Talk company. They sold me a defective phone. And I called, I was instructed to bring the phone to Walmart for them to ship it to them. Long story short I did what they told me. It's two weeks. And still no phone and I called today and still get the run around. I am a pregnant mom with a toddler too. Had to buy a different company phone cause I can't be without a phone. I will take it as a loss. They will not refund me. Will never spend my money on them again."

- James C. 8/19/15

"I have experienced adequate service from Straight Talk during phone calls and as far as receiving and sending data/texts. However, on multiple occasions when trying to add time to my phone Straight Talk has sent the service time to a different phone simply for not having it active for a day or two, my number being given to someone else and my money being sent, without my control, to this other phone. I do not recommend because the likelihood of being one day behind at some point is high, and if it happens you could lose your phone, your number, and your money."

- John C. 7/31/15

"Worst customer service ever. Their customer service reps barely speak English and can't understand simple things like needing to activate a SIM. When I tried to activate a new SIM, they instead activated a new number on the old broken SIM and charged me for it. When I tried to call them back to get it fixed I was on hold for more than 20 minutes and the rep still didn't understand the problem. I finally ended up demanding a refund rather than try to get them to understand me and will be going with a different service.

Never going back to Straight Talk again."

- Safiyah R. 6/29/15

"Straight talk iPhone service is HORRIBLE!!!! When I called customer service they are in Cambodia. This is why Americans, black, white, all Americans don't have jobs!!! Cambodia. Really? I have no internet no data! So frustrated with straight talk! Metro PCS HERE I COME!"

- Melvin A. 5/28/15

"I like the coverage. Customer service is really bad. And Unlimited Plan is really just limited plan i used 2GB and that's it my data got cut off.. false advertisement is bad publicity. I hope they will just tell the truth about their service and not mislead people so they would change phone companies. I may recommend this service for people who rarely use data on their phone but if you are on the go you can't rely on their "Unlimited" Plan."

- Iola F. 3/19/15

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