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Styles for Less Reviews

Styles For Less offers trend seekers the latest styles of clothing, shoes, accessories and more for less. They also offer these fashion-forward finds in fun, energizing, and convenient locations. With over 160 stores, Styles For Less keeps savvy shoppers feeling connected and looking fresh. Find clothes for school, athletic, career, & most importantly – the weekend! Choose from a chic selection of apparel and accessories that fit your style and budget, including denim, dresses, sweaters, handbags, shoes, and jewelry.

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Valencia G. posted on 11/16/2014

"I've been coming here for more than ten years (am I really that old now?? Lol) and I usually just get in and get out, nothing too memorable about my past shopping experiences here except the pushyness of the styles card signup. But the atmosphere today was great, they said Hi and asked if I'm doing okay or need a fitting room and the girl who rang me up was actually talkative and nice! Very pleasant experience and just thought I would share, wish I had gotten the gals name at the register she was very pleasant, and genuine."

Theresa B. posted on 6/2/2014

"I love shopping from here for clothes, they have really good clearance racks! I have not tried there shoes yet.. But plan too once I see something that catches my eye. I wish they had more of a selection of jewelry.The people who work there are amazing and I love that your greeted upon walking in. My next trip is Thursday!!!!! Yippy! Can't wait to see what they have new!"

Jasmine P. posted on 5/16/2013

"Though, I love Styles, I have to say, I'm not really a fan of this particular location.
The staff is a tad more uptight than at other locations; they tried to say they couldn't find my styles discount info in their system, but when I go to other locations, they can easily find me. It turns out the last four numbers of my phone number were inverted, but still! I'm dot going to lie about something so trivial.
On the other hand as far as money goes, you'll find great buys at both locations, but I prefer Monteray Road to all else."

Eva T. posted on 9/14/2012

"I bought some leggings/yoga pants here a little while ago. They fit pretty well in the store, and then I tried to wear them for a whole day. The fabric was too stretchy, especially in the waist, and they were falling off my hips. Forever 21 has more well-constructed stuff (I never thought those words would come out of my mouth) for cheaper and there's better stuff at Ross next door too.

The girls who helped me were nice though."

Melanie A. posted on 6/1/2007

"Styles for less is a tiny store between Safeway and Longs Drugs. I've been there 2 or 3 times, because I was enticed by the super colorful cute outfits hanging in the window.

It is similar to Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe. The clothes are cheap, tight, colorful, and are probably best worn by someone much younger than me.

However, if you have a good enough body to wear poorly made, tight, trendy clothes and you are on a budget, then I say, go for it!

The prices are good and there always seems to be specials and sales. The staff is very friendly and smiley.

The store is small, so walking around the store is kind of like navigating your way through a maze. However, it is much less crowded and much less annoying than similar mall stores.

I bought one of those half sweaters that covers your arms and chest (not cool enough to know what it is called) and I like it. I am not sure how many stars to give this place, so I'll break it down.

Price: 5 stars
Quality: 3 stars
Service: 4 stars
Location: 4 stars (if you're tired of the crowded mall)"

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