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As the world’s leading retailer of sun-wear, Sunglass Hut has over 2,000 stores all over the world. Today its stores can be found in fashionable shopping districts around the world – from North America, Europe and the Middle East to Australia, South Africa, Hong Kong and beyond. Full of major brands such as Gucci, Versace, and DKNY, Sunglass Hut’s wide selection can accommodate any face shape and style. Whether you bear an oval or square head, whether you’d rather rock a cat-eye or an aviator look, Sunglass Hut stocks the metal and plastic frames your eyes have been looking for.

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Real Customer Reviews

"The Asian girls that work here are complete idiots! They don't know how to do a return and they told us to return our item at the Sun Glass Hut downstairs. When we went to the one downstairs, the manager there got angry and made us follow him to the Sun Glass Hut kiosk. There was another Asian girl who didn't want to help us because she clocked out. If you clocked out, why the hell are you still hanging out at you job? Seriously, no life!"

- Darlene T. 10/31/14

By far these are the best sunglasses I have ever owned. Very comfortable; great lenses and perfect coverage. I have received tons of compliments."

- GilG 10/28/14

"Placed an order on Friday night for a Prada Sunglasses with a promotional price via PayPal. The order was cancelled on Sunday without any explanation. All it says is "You've Cancelled the Following Items". I definitely did not cancel this order. Then I called on Monday to ask for the explanation. The representative seems do not know anything about the system and told me that my billing address did not match to the billing address. This is definitely BS, as the PayPal never shown the billing address to the seller for the security reason. That's the reason people use PayPal, because they don't want a third party company to see their billing information. Although they realized this issue, they asked me to place a new order in order for them to ship my item with the regular price (the promotional price has expired during the weekend). They can't even honor the price although this is definitely their mistake. Seems a fraud advertisement company. Really horrible experience with I would definitely suggest customers stay away from them, as you might experience one of the worst customer service."

- benimaru2050 7/21/14

"Super friendly staff, they were very helpful."

- Suzzie B.7/27/14

"The employees here are rude. The male that i asked to help me return an item gave me a long lecture about returning my item. What say does he have in it?

Plus, he cant even do a return right. He does not deserve to work here. Instead of refunding me my money, he charged me another time and then refunded my money. If you work there, i expect you to be able to do these things correctly. Now, more trouble for me."

- Jenny Y. 1/8/14

"The sales associates are so friendly and helpful. I got 2 beautiful sunglasses today. Thank you beautiful ladies for ur help and time."

- Kevin S. 5/9/14

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