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SwimOutlet.com is the largest online specialty shop for swimming, water polo, fashion, beach, and surf products in the US. It is the web’s most popular swim shop. For over 10 years, it has focused on delivering the best online shopping experience and the best value.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I wish the prices were better on the Longitude swims suites, and more selection. I wish they had a better selection of the rubber swim caps with the strap, they are mostly very cheaply made products from over seas and tear in minutes . Also the Speedo latex cap with a strap is so over priced it scares me. I used to get that same cap for 10 dollars."

- Dale E. 10/8/15

"I ordered a suit that was way too small despite my normal size 6 and I printed off their return label and sent it back using USPS. 6 weeks later they deny receiving it. Unfortunately I lost the tracking receipt which I've been told if I can give them tracking number they will gladly refund. super shady. I know I put my return address on it and I checked it was sent to the correct address. Overall bad business. Beware."

- Meredith H. 9/24/15

"I ordered some goggles that did not arrive when anticipated. I went to the email sent to me by Swimoutlet.com to track the package. The tracking indicated that the item was shipped via FedEx and then transferred to USPS for final delivery. And then it stopped. They just seemed to disappear. I called FedEx. They were no help. I called USPS. They were even worse. I called SwimOutlet.com They had a replacement pair at my door within two days. Thank you."

- Kevin M. 8/7/15

"Had complications when trying to apply coupon code. It may have been my computer though. Live chat session and phone call were very helpful. Also information concerning final sale items did not show up in cart as stated it would so it was quite confusing and would have been very disappointing if I had purchased and found out later that the item(s) could not be returned if necessary."

- Jeffrey L. 6/2/15

"I ordered 2 pairs of bib shorts on sale with 1-2 day shipping. 5 days later, i received 2 pairs of regular shorts, not bibs, and after calling was told 'sorry, you can send them back or pay full price for the bibs', which amounted to 174.10 they were asking me to pay for what I already ordered. I'm making complaints with ever organization I can and will take them to small claims court if neccesary as they are close to me and I've done small claims before and won."

- Leslie C. 5/21/15

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