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Talbots Reviews

Talbots is a retailer of specialty women’s apparel and accessories that is most popular with women over the age of 35. The company carries a prime selection of women’s apparel, accessories, and footwear, where you can find a variety of sale and clearance merchandise.

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Real Customer Reviews

Meridith H. posted on 8/12/2013

"A recent wardrobe review left me with the realization that my basic black pants were falling apart. I decided to invest in high quality clothing this time, and headed over to Talbots. I was ready to cringe at the prices, but the 75% off sale was amazing; I found 2 pairs of gorgeous black pants in my size on the rack that had already been on sale before the 75% markdown. Most clothing stores are terribly picked over during sale time (and I wear a common size), so I feel really lucky to get 2 pairs!"

HC F. posted on 8/29/2014

"I was shocked to see the updated designs that are now at Talbots- the all line is to drool over- I have ditched Ann TAY and taken my biz to Talbots- better quality and their pieces LAST!!!
The fall BOOTS are GORGEOUS!"

Constance S. posted on 10/11/2014

"Talbots issues its credit card through Comenity Bank which has horrible reviews all over the internet. I was a few days late (for the first time) on a $44.00 bill and was charged a late fee of $25.00 + $1.00 interest.
Have cancelled my credit card with them"

Elissa S. posted on 11/28/2014

"After horrible experiences trying to buy suits at less expensive stores, I decided to raise my price point and head over to Talbots.

The kind of service I received at Talbots was fantastic. I told the Talbots associate my size and what I was looking for and he did the rest of the work. I was looking for women's suits, preferably one with color, that did not make me look like a box and yet didn't make me look like I was about to go out to the bar after my presentation.

They have a good selection of women's suits, from the traditional black to varieties of colors and patterns. The suit wasn't cheap, but it was totally worth it."

Natalie H. posted on 5/15/2015

"Talbots has beautiful clothes. You can find some great deals on their website. There is also a greater selection online."

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