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Tanga is a global online retail company that delivers high-quality & low-price products, usually made in USA, to various consumers around the world.  The company  has devoted every effort to provide a convenient way to bridge the supply and need across the world for a wide selection of products, ranging from apparel & accessories to electronics & home items.

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Real Customer Reviews

"Great site. A good mix of everyday items and unique gadgetry. Responsive customer service. I had to return an item recently that arrived damaged. It was replaced quickly and with hassle or additional cost to me. Buy with confidence!"

- axeplayer 4/3/15

"Received defective Beats by Dre Headphones from Tanga. Sent Tanga an email the next day informing them that the headphones are defective. A response was promised within 24-48 hours. After 48 hours still no response. Ordered the headphones to take on an upcoming trip. Very disappointed in the lack of a response and getting a defective product."

- glenn w. 3/18/15

"I have been extremely happy with the quality and diversity of the products, the ease of shopping, the prices, and the website. I will definitely be shopping Tanga a lot! This is the first website I check when searching for the products I need and/or want! I tell everyone I know what a great site this is!"

tiffnkids 3/10/15

"Bought something from this company and within a week, had my credit card number used for unauthorized purchases. Was it Tanga? I can't say for sure but I have my doubts. Just be careful. I for one will not be buying here again."

- RaviS. 7/31/14

"I bought an item from Tanga, it stopped working after about 6 weeks. I contacted the company and they told me that the item had a 30 day warranty, every other place has a 90 day warranty on the same item and a 30 day return period. Tanga had a 30 day return period, which they also considered their warranty period. They said the item was new, but a 30 day warranty is common with a refurb. I would be very careful when buying from Tanga, I will stick with Amazon in the future; better service, decent prices and better warranty and return policy. I can trust that Amazon will let the consumer know if something is a refurb."

- Anonymous 9/4/13

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One thought on “Tanga Reviews – Does It Meet Your Need?

  1. Good Prices, But 1st off the item arrived 2 days later than date it was suppose to and than after finally receiving item it was missing parts/pieces. Than when i went to website I couldnt even find a contact phone number for customer service. I had to email them and wait yet another 2 to 3 days for a reply to email. Wont b ordering anything from Tanga again. I DO NOT recommend Tanga for anything.

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