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Target Reviews

Target Corporation is an American retailing company, founded in 1902 and headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is the second-largest discount retailer in the United States, selling almost everything you need in daily life.

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Real Customer Reviews

Alasdair M. posted on 4/14/2015

"My 'go to' place for clothes and shoes. They have great range, plenty of stock, I frequently by in bulk, and the prices are good. I will keep going back."

Melanie R. posted on 4/29/2015

"Bought the polar watch and it stopped working two months in well the band did called to get a new one target said I had to call polar and they take care of it. Took me 3 months to get a new one. What a waste of 7$ btw the band isn't working again! Will never buy electronics again from here. Thought I was getting a good deal instead got a hassle."

Allen. posted on 5/19/2015

"target's ordering online is more user friendly than Walmarts!!! Walmart didn't specify to me if product was instore accessible or not!very confusing igot stuck in no mans land trying to get out if shipping!!!!"

marie b. posted on 5/21/2015

"I've just recently picked up my order from my nearest target store,that ive ordered online a few days before.i must say that im very impressed.the quality was excellent.everything that ive ordered was spot on.the waiting time was good.this definitely will not be my last.thanks target.keep up the good work.☺☺"

S B. posted on 5/21/2015

"The site was very easy to navigate. I searched three times looking for three separate items and did not use the correct product name at any time. The exact item I was looking for was the first item on the search results every time. In addition, I was looking for toys for my son's birthday party and was able to search both by character name and by theme. Very easy to find what I needed. The free shipping option made the lowest prices for the exact same product out of the three sites I tried."

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