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Taylor Gifts Reviews & Coupon Code – Top Complaints and Reviews about Taylor Unique Gifts

Taylor Gifts Reviews

Taylor Gifts specializes in offering customers the newest and coolest top quality products. You can find everything you never knew you needed from Novelty Gifts to Housewares and Home Organizers, as well as everything you’ve Seen on TV and much more. Over the past 60 years, Taylor Gifts has grown as a family and retailer while continuing to provide customers with a broad collection of unique gifts and household items at bargain prices.

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Real Customer Reviews

Rachelle F. posted on 4/14/2014

"I ordered a checkbook calculator and received an e-mail stating it shipped on 3/31 but the package actually shipped on 4/7 as noted on the package. When it did ship it was sent to the "bill to" rather then "ship to" address. (They did however reship to correct address when I called customer service). A tracking link was on the shipping e-mail but no tracking information was displayed when I clicked on the link. Forgot password to look up order and asked the web site to send a new password. It never arrived in my inbox or my Spam inbox."

Roderick J. posted on 7/27/2014

"Good merchant and great product offering"

Jim G. posted on 1/7/2015

"This place sucks. I've been trying to call and return a Christmas gift for 2 days. I've gotten one guy who was super rude and yelled at me for asking questions. When you select the option for customer service the phone just rings and rings so your forced to select the place a new order option and all they want is your credit card # right away and if you ask them a question about returning an item they transfer you to the phone no one answers. This place is the most poorly run, crappy store on the internet, if you buy anything from them, don't expect to be able to return it or get a hold of customer service if you have a question. They'll take your money all day long and thats where the transaction stops"

J P. posted on 5/27/2015

"I wish I had read these reviews sooner, as all the complaints about their horrible customer service are true. I bought an item, and while following its shipment tracking USPS suddenly said that they were unable to deliver to my address. Not-so-coincidentally, my shipping address doesn't appear on my order confirmation email or the online order tracking - meaning I have no way to verify my own address. All attempts to talk with customer service via email or online chat have been met with no response. I'm just glad I only bought one item and didn't screwed out of more money."

User Rating: 1.7 (3 votes)

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