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Tervis Reviews

Tervis is an American retailer of high quality tumblers, mugs, ice buckets and related accessories, which specializes in Keeping Your Beverages The Perfect Temperature. Tervis Tumbler is one of the best engineered cups selling in stores, which is also the best customizable gift for fewer than 20 dollars.

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Real Customer Reviews

Enrique C. posted on 6/5/2012

"This is a very unique store that sells something dear to my heart, Tumblers!! They sell all kinds of tumbler cups here: regular size, small kids sizes, gym bottles (tumbler style) and they have them for any occasion or for any particular person. They have cups from your favorite sports team, university, profession....whatever!! They have all sorts of designs. It seems like the perfect gift you don't have to put too much effort in and the person receiving will definitely love it. I could be wrong, but I doubt it! Have a nice day! :^)"

Tim S. posted on 5/6/2014

"I send tumblers as gifts to my family because we all love them so much. I even customized a couple for my grandkids. I was a little nervous, not sure if they would like what I created, but they all use their cups and tell me all the time how much they love them!"

Cindy B. posted on 1/28/2015

"My tervis never lets me down. I carry it to and from work daily. I ordered it right off their website and customized it with a picture of my babies, it's beautiful!"

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