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As the leading language-learning software in the world, Rosetta stone provides computer assisted language learning programs for 31 different languages, where language learners can find the necessary tools for you to explore a new language. With Rosetta stone millions of learners in more than 150 countries learn the language effectively and very quickly and develop their language skills and become fluent in a second language as well. You can find there easy-to-use software programs at various locations such as bookstores, airports and online retailers.The company’s innovative, technology-driven language, literacy and brain-fitness solutions are used by millions of individuals and thousands of schools, businesses, government organizations around the world.

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"My 5 year old is learning to read in school and this was a great supplement to help her. She struggles with sounding words out and matching up the phonetic sounds to the correct letters. This program was able to pinpoint that (with some specifics when I set up her profile). In just a few short days (about five 20 minute sessions) I have already noticed her being able to more easily put the sounds together and hear the word. She really likes the characters and the games keep her engaged."

- M. Rodriguez 11/12/14

"As a mother of four with an education background, I love this program. The gift of learning is something your children will love for years to come. Of course there are many apps out there that can help you learn to read, but I liked that this one works through levels unlocking them along the way as you progress through the course. I love that it is a trusted source - I mean really, Rosetta Stone screams education! I love that this can be a gift to a child that they will use throughout the year! It's not just a one time use toy, but a year long prepaid subscription to learning!"

- S.L. Judge 11/9/14

"My husband got me Levels 1-3 Italian lesson for my birthday back in Nov 2012. By January I purchased Levels 4-5. I continue to study Italian with Rosetta Stone. I love it so much. I have gone completely thru Levels 1-5 and have restarted the program and am now beginning level 4 again. I have taken a language test to see where I am at, B2 which is Intermediate level and have a pretty good handle on listening and understanding, speak pretty well, write OK, read pretty well and function in Italy with lots of confidence. Here is what I know, learning a language is fluid and dynamic. It takes time and a commitment to practice and practice and practice. If you commit to the program and you are willing to invest at least 30 minutes a day, you will learn to speak but it does not happen overnight. After one year of Rosetta Stone I took a local language class at a language school and was put in an Italian II level which equates to an A2. The local gig gave me some grammar and tripped a switch by which the light bulb turned on and I had some ah ha moments. Then exactly one year into the program I added some private studio sessions and talk about accelerating my progress. Today I am 15 months into the program I am a B2 level speaker of Italian. Rosetta Stone is total submersion and yeah there are times that I could not for the life of me figure out what I was saying and what the picture meant but I never let that stop me. For whatever reason something will trigger your brain and the puzzle will be solved, and that my friend makes Rosetta Stone so much fun!! I recommend the program but only if you can invest the time and understand that it is work to learn a new language."

- Jerry Denize J. 1/25/14

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