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Design Your Way drives Smart Furniture to offer you a personalized experience as you shop – with the innovative Furniture Genius. It’s also why they give the option of visualizing your purchase in your own space when you use SmartSpace. It’s also why they make it easy for you to customize your furniture. That’s what makes different than any other furniture store. You’ll see what Smart Furniture mean when you shop great products – like the Embody Chair, Aeron Chair, and Mirra 2 Chair – or customers favorites like the Noguchi Table and Eames Lounge Chair.

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Real Customer Reviews

Ian M. posted on 10/14/2014

"I bought furniture online from Smart Furniture. Their price matched local showrooms, and they shipped for free across states. Smart Furniture excels in customer service, with really quick response times.

The one improvement I'd suggest is to alert orderers to shipment delays. As my estimated delivery day approached without an update, I emailed to get a status update. The supplier had a delay, and my delivery would be delayed a week. That said, they were swift in their response.

The delivery was eventually handed off to a local logistics company, who were quick. I wouldn't necessarily recommend the local companies' customer service, but that's a story for a different Yelp review.

Overall, great experience. Internet orderers rest assured, you're in good hands."

Phil K. posted on 8/29/2014

"This company goes above and beyond to make sure customers are happy with their products. I buy a lot of products online and these guys are among the best. Their customer service is polite and personal. I've been buying chairs from them for years and keep coming back because of the great service. I highly recommend."

adsless. posted on 11/28/2012

"Outstanding customer service. We purchased 7 items for our office, including chairs, filing cabinets, & a bench. One item did not work for us and the return was shockingly easy. Another item was mistakenly marked free shipping on a web page and they actually honored it. Each rep was pleasant and helpful. They had come recommended to us by a friend, and I could not be happier with our experience. Make your life easier and order from them."

mtins. posted on 10/9/2012

"It is rare that I give any business or person “5 out of 5” stars for customer service. I’ve always felt that this rating should be reserved for absolutely unquestioned, above and beyond, stellar service.

Well this is one of those occasions that I am more than happy to award a big enthusiastic “5 Stars” to Smart Furniture and specifically Melanie Silva for absolutely unparalleled customer service, attention and accommodation. In fact, in this instance, I would be willing to award "6 Stars".

I just completed a rather involved return and upgrade purchase transaction through Melanie. She was simply incredible in the attention she paid to every communication I had with her. Always prompt in replying. Always informative and helpful. Always friendly and cheerful in her emails. Both she and her associates several times responded back to me on Saturdays and even a Sunday. Always there to be helpful, courteous and supportive of this multi-part transaction.

End result – I will be a Smart Furniture customer for life and a lifetime Melanie Silva fan. I just cannot recommend Smart Furniture and Melanie – and her associates (Karen, Christian, Christie and Adam) – high enough.

Businesses with such a customer centric and “do what’s right” values, attitudes and practices don’t come along every day. I really would like to provide them with the most resounding “shout out” that I can.

You will not regret doing business with them!

Mike Tinsley
Bellevue, WA."

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