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TheTrendBoutique is a top retailer of womenswear with a strong focus on quality, longevity and versatility. It stocks a massive variety of products from new and established designers and is popular with Hollywood celebs.  The Trend Boutique offers young women stylish designer clothes in hip brands like Mark & James, Blu Moon, and Anna Kosturova. They embrace the California lifestyle – an ambiguous mix of hard-edged chicness and sunny romantic breeziness.

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"I attended a shopping event with a friend at Trend Boutique. They provided delicious drinks and appetizers for the event. The owner and her associate were very helpful. The shopping environment was very relaxed, I did not feel pressured to make a purchase which was nice.

Trend offers a wide array of women's clothing and accessories. Since this is a locally owned boutique they may be a bit more limited on sizes for some items. They also offer some jewelry and candles. Prices are reasonable, especially for a boutique.

If you would like to expand or update your wardrobe this boutique is worth checking out, especially if you feel you might benefit from suggestions from the very helpful staff here."

- Amy D. 11/1/14

"The Trend Boutique is a horrible online shopping store. i regret ever purchasing something from this website it has been nothing but a nightmare. i bought a dress for $350.00 and the day i recieved it i tried it on and didnt like the way it fit my body so like any other girl i sent it back. THE NEXT DAY. i was told i would be recieving a full refund and would have no problem. little did i find out that i would NOT be getting my refund. i have been arguing with managment for about 2 weeks now maybe even longer about getting a full refund for a $350 purchase. i have now asked to speak with corporate and they will not get back to be. this place is $#*!ty to shop with and no customer respect. i have worked in the retail business and i know what refund policies are like. NEVER SHOP THERE!"

- courtney b. 11/13/13

"Yay! New dress shop! I happened to wander in here after checking out the Oakley Fancy Fair and I found the cutest dress on sale! I wasn't supposed to buy anything but I fell in love. The shop is adorable and the girl working there was super friendly. I'll certainly be back before summer is over!"

- Sarah D. 7/30/13

"I had a return issue, but after a few emails back and forth my money was refunded."

- christophj 2/2/12

"I purchased a dress online from The Trend Boutique in Los Angeles, CA and when the dress arrived, it was too big. I followed the instructions for return and Fed Expressed my purchase back to the Trend Boutique. I received confirmation they received my return and noted a credit would take 2-3 weeks. I should have known something was wrong but I waited and waited and never received the credit. I called The Trend Boutique numerous times along with several emails to Customer Service. I finally received word, "The Check was in the Mail." This was dated May 21, 2009 and it is now August 2009 and I have not received my credit or check from the Trend Boutique. Terrible, website and Customer Service and I think websites like these should be removed from the internet so that other people would not have to deal with I have been dealing with for over four months. My purchase was for $100 and I have to consider this a bad decision ordering from a "no name" website."

- Jamie G. 8/6/09

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  1. “I tried to purchase what looked like a kimono with TheTrendBoutique and when it came in it ended up being a camisole which was worn under the kimono they advertised it in. Then I tried to make a return and they refused to contact me via Paypal. I sent the item back and they still refused a refund because they claimed there was no tracking number and they didn’t receive it even though it has been over 2 months since I sent the item back and I have gotten no return mail. They also claimed they didn’t do returns via Paypal and that there was only a store procedure in which one could do returns. I had to file a claim with MasterCard as a result! thetrendBoutique are THIEVES!”

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