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TigerDirect Reviews

TigerDirect.com was established to serve the needs of computer users, and today they are one of the industry’s top computer and computer-product retailers. From the beginning, TigerDirect’s top priority was to provide unmatched customer care and to help customers understand how technology could help them. They’ve always invited intelligent, courteous men and women to staff call center; to answer your questions, make recommendations and deliver solutions.

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Emanuel C. posted on 10/19/2014

"This gets a dual review. They have great products I need for any number of my PC needs but are literally full of used car salesmen sharks, functioning solely on commission, who want you to use their commission info when you purchase even if they don't help you.


If you did not help me and I politely said "No thank you." I'm not giving you free money for doing the work and product research myself before walking in and buying a product.

Similarly to what I said about Best Buy. When I do ask for information they are clueless. People are treated like waking wallets in this place. I've even caused a few friends shopping with me to think I'm an asshole for how direct and emphatic I am when stating to a salesperson for the 3rd time "No!" followed by how irritated they are making me for bothering me when I've (obviously) not solicited needing their help and bid them to go away because if I did ask them for help, they wouldn't know the answers to my questions anyway...because they're mostly useless.

On the other hand...Great inventory & great prices. Avoid the sharks like the plague.

Also don't give them your personal info at the register, unless you're into getting spam in email or random surveys calls."

Dalebu R. posted on 10/20/2014

"I have used the TigerDirect for the purpose of buying my laptop. And really the experience from the TigerDirect was really awesome, and also the ordering procedure was extremely directly forward and I have received the product very fast. And I’m so happy about it.anf in future also I will use this service."

Tricia T. posted on 12/14/2014

"What would I do without you TigerDirect? I would be sans technology-- and miserable. As an openly out shopaholic, technology/fashion fiend, I rely on this website for the best deals on my gadgets. Before nomorerack and all these new sale sites were around, I was buying my futuristic fun on TigerDirect. They have never let me down, they have never let me down and have always provided excellent service. When my Toshiba laptop died within three days of arrival-- they handled everything and I paid nothing. So thank you TigerDirect-- for years upon years of being awesome. Please don't ever change!"

jweese17. posted on 1/5/2015

"Delivery always quick, items always well packed. The two times I've needed customer service (out of countless purchases) they've always responded quickly and always gotten to the root of the problem and to a solution or explanation just as quickly. "

Jacquelynne C. posted on 1/10/2015

"Ordered my son a gaming computer for Christmas, received it in excellent condition..he loves it and I am very happy with Tiger Direct. I have ordered various computer components in the past for my older son and have never had an issue either. A couple things to remember--because I did get a bit nervous with making a big purchase online and it did take 2-2 1/2 weeks to get: I paid through PayPal--First I saw my credit card charged, then the charge disappeared and I got a bit frantic. I called Tiger Direct directly and spoke to a gentleman who was wonderful and explained that with big purchases, they do a "test" run with PayPal to make sure the funds are available and when the item is shipped, then the account will be charged....it made sense and that is exactly what happened. (Tiger Direct isn't the only company that does this...my bf just had the same experience with ordering items for his job from another company and went through a little anxiety himself until I told him to call the company directly) I would recommend Tiger Direct to anyone re: my experience with buying computers, and components. :) ADD: I researched many computers -- and got more "bang for my buck" with Tiger Direct."

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