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Timberland LLC is an American manufacturer and retailer of outdoors wear with a focus on footwear. Timberland footwear is marketed towards people intending outdoor and casual use. The company also sells apparel such as clothes, watches, glasses and leather goods.

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idainc. posted on 4/24/2013

"I purchased a pair of sandals from their web site on a Wednesday and on second thought, I called Friday AM to cancel. It had not shipped but the money had been taken out of my account ( debit card). They told me to use the free return label service (USPS – no tracking) when they arrived. My sense of it was that since they had the money and were obviously delaying shipping far too long AND they didn’t have a tracking number yet that I could either go along with this scam or call my bank.

I was very explicitly told that I would then be BLACK LISTED at 120 retailers if I did that. BLACK LISTED ? Really ? A customer from whom you’ve accepted money and can’t seem to ship the item ?

These are folks to avoid at all cost. Now I’m hammering them for my refund and being told by their phone people to wait 2 days to talk to a supervisor. Pitiful."

Rudi B. posted on 7/7/2013

"Had a great experience buying shoes. Staff is experienced and friendly. They were also very cooperative when I found stains on the pair I wanted to buy as they gave me a discount."

Mark G. posted on 9/15/2013

"Clear five stars. I wandered in looking to replace a fabulous pair of Timberland shoes. I browsed the selection and didn't see what I wanted. But the nice lady asked me what I needed and got me to look at the web site. We found my replacement pair of shoes. She was great. I wound up buying a very nice, on sale jacket too.

You don't expect a downtown, touristy-area store to have fabulous service. This location has it.

I didn't get your name -- but you made some good money for Timberland -- and I left the store happy. Thank you again. True professional."

Ahrmon R. posted on 12/7/2013

"Yesterday it was raining cats and dogs in the city. My shoes and socks were soaked and wet that I needed some all year around boots plus, it's boot season. This store is a legit, official, high end retailer the prices are expensive for boots and gear I highly recommend to buy boots. I went in and talked to the retailers they were very courteous and professional about their products and have the knowledge to back it up. Big ups to the employers there.

The experience for me was I want it NOW! and I needed them for all purpose, all terrain, and for the fashion as well. I bought some socks and the most popular pair boots that everyone wears on the streets which is "The Yellow Boots" they go well with any outfit.

The store presentation is great because it's located in the SoMa and all the shopping spots. Last but not least, this Timberland store is NOT an factory outlet! Something to think about..."

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