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Tire Rack Reviews

The Tire Rack has been in love with tires for as long as they can remember. Since 1979, The Tire Rack has been sharing that love by helping people find the right tires, wheels ad other performance parts for every situation.

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Real Customer Reviews

Tina G. posted on 12/8/2013

"I have bought tires from them for years--probably five or six sets, plus two sets of rims. This site makes it so easy to see what your choices are, combined with other users' product experiences to make a more informed buying decision. Inventory is up to date, the shipping lead times are prompt and they'll dropship to your tire installer, so the entire. When you do have a question, the toll-free customer service puts you in touch with a knowledgeable advisor who (in my experience) is capable of resolving technical questions to prevent errors when ordering."

Ben G. posted on 5/20/2014

"I have been buying from Tire Rack for 6 years and have never had a problem with the tires, rims, or customer service. I will continue to do business with them as well :)"

Michael R. posted on 3/16/2015

"I was in the market for some new rims and came across this site. It's so easy to find the rims that will fit your car - easy drop down menus to search your make and model car. My favorite feature is being about to view the rims on my car! So cool. It's an important feature to have when ordering online. To actually see it on your car, not just the rim by itself. Very well done and good selection."

Joe Z. posted on 4/15/2015

"Beware of their "Specialist" recommendations. I used their recommended wheel/tire package as well as their preferred installers who said the wheels and tires did not fit. 3 weeks after debating, sending pictures via email, having the installer call Tire Rack, they still had me pay for shipping everything back to them. Their "specialists" are not knowledgeable at all. Customer service was not helpful at all at resolving this matter, and just repeated the same "company line" over and over."

Michael D. posted on 6/23/2015

"I recently purchased a wheel and 3 extra caps for my current wheels from these guys. Everything showed up on time (actually earlier than expected), and was exactly what I had asked for.

Once I received my package, I went out to my car to put on the caps and realized that I only had 1 missing, not all 3. It was the easiest return I have ever had to deal with. Thank you very much tirerack. I am very pleased."

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